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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 24, 2013 (Tuesday) - December 28 (Friday)

Well, today was certainly an interesting Christmas Eve!

Gary went out to shovel in the cold.  Not a good thing.  At about 8 a.m., one of my nosebleeds began.  I pinched my nose for a long time, and after about 30 minutes I sent Duke out to get Gary.  That took a bit, since Duke had to do his tracking first.  Finally, Gary caught sight of him and had decided to come in anyways.  As he was heading up the driveway, I was motioning frantically.  It had been 40 minutes and was still gushing, so he had to take me to the hospital.  It was a long drive on a slippery expressway.  We pulled into the parking lot, about an hour and a half after it had started.  I was hoping I would find then that it had stopped, and I could just turn around and go see Dr. Karr and have him look at it.  No such luck.  It was still gushing.  So into the ER we went and, fortunately, it wasn't busy at that point.  They took good care of me.  One time I spit a huge flattened softball-size clot in the sink there! 

Side note:  Two employees, including the doctor, asked me if I was allergic to anything.  I told them penicillin and they affixed a red bracelet to my wrist signifying that, the same wrist that had my other hospital bracelet on.  When I left, I was prescribed Amoxicillin and Vicodin (for pain, although I didn't really have any, except sinus pain from them messing with me).  Gary picked up my prescriptions at VG's.  I assumed the Amoxicillin was permitted.  After all, the doctor should know, right?  Friday I went to Dr. Karr's to have him remove the packing.  I asked him if it was ok that I was taking the Amoxicillin.  He said, "Probably not!"  He gave me a different antibiotic and asked me if I could take that one.  Heck if I know!  So Gary later went to pick up the antibiotic at VG's.  A different pharmacist and tech were on that day.  He told them the story, and the tech said, "Well, that is flagged in our system, and they shouldn't have given that to you!"  The pharmacist then thought I shouldn't be taking the new antibiotic either.  He checked with Dr. Karr and Dr. Karr said I really didn't need any, so that's how it ended up.

So Dr. Karr referred me to an ear, nose, throat specialist, but said most are closed until after the New Year.

Gary and I exchanged presents on Christmas Day.  It was fortunate that, for once, he didn't wait until Christmas Eve to buy them.  I had already received a new remote car starter from him, as my old one had died.  Also got a created sapphire necklace, a nice scarf and a pink top. 

Thursday was my mom's 98th birthday.  I was able to go and spend some time with her.  I made her a bulletin board to hang in her room with all her family pictures of kids and grandkids on it.

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