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Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 12, 2013

Today we took a drive up to see the Tall Ships in Bay City.  I thought today would be the best day, since maybe people would be at work and the crowds would be down!  However, there were hordes of people, so I can't imagine what the weekend will be like.

Bay City is such a nice town!  We ate at Dockside, formerly Kingfish.  We were disappointed, though, because they had a limited menu for the Tall Ships, as they expected to be so busy.  Not too busy yet today.  There were only 4 sandwiches, including a hamburger and a chicken patty sandwich.  I had the Cuban, which was pulled pork (no flavor added in any way to it) and ham.  Pretty bland sandwich.  Gary had a roast beef and cheddar sandwich.  The view is always enjoyable though.  We should've sat outside.
After eating, of course we had to go across the street to the Nut House.  I had to have my dark chocolate-covered orange peels!
Stopped at Menard's on the way home and got stain/sealant for my new swing that Gary bought for our anniversary.  He got it all stained tonight, too!  The only problem is the swarms of mosquitoes that prevent me from going out and sitting on it, especially this week with temps in the nineties.

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