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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Krystal Jo's

I am belatedly blogging Krystal Jo's on Fenton Road in Flint.  Let's just pretend it was today that we ate there!

Krystal Jo's is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place.  Think "atmosphere"!  Gary had been there for breakfast once with Fred.  Since then, it has been voted the 3rd best hamburger in Genesee County by The Flint Journal.  It's owned by a Kearsley High grad, who is also the cook.

I didn't notice how many tables were in the front, but basically it was just a couple.  They were full, so we had to sit at the counter, something I don't usually do.  But, hey, it's part of the atmosphere! 

I see they now have a website:  Try to overlook the many spelling errors!

Gary had the Hook Burger, which has battered jalapenos, for $7.49.  He liked it much better than the burger he had at Freakin' Unbelievable Burgers.  It was huge, and he took half home.  I had a turkey wrap, but I don't see that on the website menu.  It was very good, though, and I took some home, too.  They both came with fries, but Gary upgraded to onion rings.  Both were excellent!

Soooooo, as I was perched on the stool at the counter, with Gary on my right, a big black guy took the stool to my left. His arms were totally tattooed.  More atmosphere.  I'm leaning for all I'm worth towards Gary!  Often Mr. Big and I were arm-to-arm, but definitely not leg-to-leg!  It was quite humorous, as he was watching America's Got Talent on his cellphone and his keys were laying on the counter.  The only tag on his key ring was from the Genesee District Library!  Quite the Renaissance man.  Everyone was talking to each other, employees and customers.

This locally-owned business has been open for awhile and I hope it continues to do well!

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