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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 21, 2013

Today the track team are going at 8 a.m. to regionals, so in that way it'll be quiet in my office.  However, the Book Fair is going on, so in that way it'll be a circus! 

After school, I went directly to Penney's, but didn't buy anything.  Lots of cute clothes!  I'd rather lose 10 lbs. before I buy anymore.  I need to quit eating everything in sight, meaning sweet snacks.

Then I went to Aldi's and got my blueberries. cheeses, chips like Simply Naked, & some other things.  Got quite a bit for $14.

I drove through HaloBurger and got a junior with mustard, pickles & onions and a small onion ring.  I think the small order gives you as many as the large.

When Gary got home, we went for a short drive after getting me a strawberry sundae and him a pop at McD.  I know I just mentioned those sweet snacks, but he wanted to go to McD!  Normally I would be the one to get the Diet Coke, but tonight I just didn't want that.  My sweet snack problem is that instead of one or two cookies or pieces of candy, I eat the whole bag!

Stopped by the church and picked a bunch of lilacs.  After putting them in a vase in the kitchen, you could smell them all the way to the bedroom!  Mosquitoes are so bad this year that you can't stay out too long and I have a lot of yardwork that needs accomplishing.  My feet are already bitten up.

The Dancing With The Stars finale was tonight, and I was glad that Kellie Pickler won, since Zandaya was an experienced dancer when she went on the show at the beginning of the season. 

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