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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 20, 2013

Showed Tonya my horrible polish job from the salon she frequents.  She said it was really bad and that I needed to complain to Megan, the owner.  So I took a picture of the horrendous job on one big toe and texted it to Megan.  Since they were offering a special of $10 shellac nails, due to 1000 likes on Facebook, I was hoping they could get me in and give me an even better deal.  Megan said she would do it herself next week with $10 for the fingernails and free toenails.  Works for me!

Went to my mother's after work and then on to Birch Run.  Just went to Bath & Body Works & got items for two more graduates.  Still need more and to get them organized.  Then went to Arbys & got a turkey onion mini & a chocolate turnover that was free.  I need to quit getting them, even if they are free!

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