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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 12, 2013 (Mother's Day)

A typical Mother's Day for me.  Went to church, got petunias.  Went out to eat with Gary at Big Boy in Clio, my choice.  One of the waitresses had made 500 scented tealights, so all women could take one.  She also had bigger candles for sale.

Didn't do much in the afternoon.  Amanda said we could go to the park with them, but the weather turned bad, so didn't do that.  Christen called yesterday about doing something, but the call dropped in the middle and she never called back.  Laura also wanted to do something for Mother's Day and Grant's birthday.  Ended up that she called at 6:30 or so and we went up to Huckleberry.  She had the table decorated really cute in all black & white and with presents for me, a mum, and a huge balloon that played a song!  Got me several candles and a wax melting thing that I love.  Found out later that she also stuck a $20 WalMart gift card in the candle box.  I can use that!  But she spent way too much.

Gary gave me a beautiful silver bracelet with lilac-colored stones.  Love it!

Also spent time with my mother, of course.  I got her a decoration for her door a week ago and took her pajamas today.  They weren't the cotton she requested, but a cotton knit, so that was chancey!  However, she loved them and I think they'll work well for her.

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