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Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 4, 2013 (Friday)

Gary's heart cath was today.  So cool that Dr. Karr, Dr. Dobies and Dr. Mohammed (kidney doctor) all keep in contact with each other and work together.  Since Gary cannot use the IV dye without certain precautions, that had to be planned by Dr. M.  Usually a stent takes just a short time, maybe 20 minutes.  Gary's was two hours.  Turns out Dr. Dobies had to use special techniques because of it's positioning.  I overheard the nurses talking afterwards about how skilled he was and they were in awe of how he did it.  I also found out from him that he'd only done this procedure three times before, because it isn't usually necessary.  Another nurse had to apply pressure to the incision for almost 10 minutes and apparently that was a big deal also. 

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