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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013 (Tuesday)

Happy New Year's to all! 

Gary and I planned to have a New Year's dinner for Amanda & the kids.  He was going to make fettucine.  But that plan didn't happen, because Gary had chest pains late this morning.  So after taking two nitro and waiting 5 minutes after each one, I called the ambulance.  All his tests came back good, but they're keeping him overnight and he'll have a treadmill stress test in the morning.  They were going to do the nuclear stress test, but he asked if he could do the treadmill and they said he could.  I left there at 4:00 to get home before dark.  Got a McDonalds hamburger, small fry and Diet Coke, since I hadn't eaten since my breakfast oatmeal.  Made the mistake of going in VG's since we're almost out of milk and also came out with a pack of fudge stick cookies.

Elderly neighbor Margaret called to see who went in the ambulance.  She said if I get scared, just call her!

I found this cute idea for Christmas next year in November's Good Housekeeping, which I'm just getting to!

Supplies:   7 sheets white printer paper
                  Variety of scrapbook paper, cut to 5-1/2 inch squares
                  Spray adhesive or scrapbooking glue
                  Hole punch
                  60" ribbon, cut into six 4" strips and two 18" strips
***Print the individual letters in 430 point Bodine font on the white paper.  Cut each into a 4-1/2" square, with letter centered.  Adhere each letter onto the larger square of scrapbook paper.  Punch holes in the two top corners of each square.  Join lettered squares with ribbon tied at each corner, leaving about an inch between cards.  Tie longer pieces of ribbon to outer corners of first and last letter and allow to hang down on either side.

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