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Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30, 2012 (Sunday)

Today Pastor Karen was at church, although she'd been sick and in bed every day for 18 hours since Christmas!  Halfway through, I thought she was going to collapse during the prayer.  When it was over, she turned and sat down and Pam took over reading, and Gary did the sermon and the rest of the service.  He did so good!

He also had to do the Genesee service.  We grabbed Sausage McMuffins at McDonald's and I went home.  I made the new country curtain for the blocked-up doorway between the kitchen and living room.  Turned out good.  It needs some pizazz, though.  I think tomorrow I'll go get some green ribbon at JoAnn's and string old cookie cutters on it.  That'll be the 3rd day in a row I've been to JoAnn's.

I don't even know what I did all day, just fiddled around I guess.  At dinner time, we went to JoAnn's again!  I needed some black material to cover that thing I bought yesterday.  Ended up buying black with white pin dots.  I thought they'd have a selection of clips I could browse through, but they had none.  Found one I liked at Staples next door.  Here's what I made:

I loved last year's appointment book and have already ordered a new one online from the same company.  I'm saving the "title page" for each month to display.  I was going to trim the left edge, but decided it looked cuter with the frayed edge.    Very happy with it!

Then we ate at Starlite.  I had the muffaletta.  That's a sandwich that originated in St. Orleans, with a Sicilian flavor.  It has salami and ham on it and comes with an olive "salad" to top it with.  I don't like olives, but I love this!  The bread is ciabatta. Delish!

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