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Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 23, 2012 (Sunday)

Sunday, Churchday.  After church we went for a short drive to kill time before lunch at Cracker Barrel.  I had the country chef salad, which was wonderful, except that the bleu cheese dressing was flavorless and so were the cornbread muffins.  Gary had the Sunday special, a fried chicken dinner, and that was good.  Enjoyed the country store there, not expecting to buy anything, since it's rather pricey.  Good deals today!  I bought a country-looking Christmas stocking, just for decoration, for only $3!  Also got a small poinsettia dish, about 3 x 5" for just $2 on sale.  I might put that on my shelf by the front door.  I'd just have to fix it so it wouldn't fall, if I stood it upright.

From there we went to the Whaley House and enjoyed that a lot!  We'd been there years ago, but I don't remember that time well.

R.J. Whaley ultimately became the President of Citizens Bank.

Loved this lamp!

This tree was real and huge!  Smelled divine!

Their pansy picture.
My pansy picture!

 In my pajamas by 5:30 or so, doing laundry.  Dinner was my world famous grilled cheese with tomato soup.  Had a great day!

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