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Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012 - Postscript to yesterday's post

Enjoyed Restaurant Impossible's episode at Paliani's in Burton, MI.  The first thing I noticed is that Robert Irvine agreed with me on the dishes floating in melted butter.  His was shrimp scampi, and mine was fettuccine.  The cooks called it butter sauce, but in actuality it was just melted butter.

I was grossed out by the dirty carpet and furniture legs.  And THEN, they told how the owner changed the two-year-old's diapers on the prep table.  OMG!!! 

When we entered last night we didn't notice that the entrance had been changed at all.  Not really obvious.  You still have to go the the left or the right.  We were seated to the left, which was the room I referred to as "bland".  Really no decoration whatsoever!  I would've preferred the "dusty ivy and grapes"!  The show, however, enhanced that room with their photography lighting and made it look better.  The dining room to the right looked nicer on television, and that was where the "Paliani's" decoration was on the wall.  There were only two or three tables of customers, so why not seat everyone in the nicer room? 

Discovered our very rude waitress was actually the manager, who played a big part in the show!

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