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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12, 2012 - Dinner at Paliani's

We decided to dine at Paliani's tonight, before the premiere of the Restaurant Impossible episode filmed there this past summer.  We ate there several months ago and vowed not to go back, even though we'd always liked it in the past and had them cater Amanda's wedding a few years ago.  Our guests raved over that meal!  When we last ate there, I remember my fettuccine swimming in a lake of butter, which was very unappetizing, not to mention messy!

We were seated promptly when we arrived around 3:30.  Our waitress took our drink order, returned and asked if we were ready to order.  The menu was printed on one side of a sheet of paper.  A third of that was appetizers, and there were, I think, three salads, two or three pizzas and about eight entrees.  However, we couldn't decide that quickly.  The waitress left, and even though there were only three tables of guests and at least two waitresses, she didn't come back for a very long time, so long that I was about to go look for her.  When she finally reappeared, I asked about the muffaleta, as that was mentioned in last night's Flint Journal.  She said it was on the lunch menu and she'd check if they still could make it, as they were about out of that bread earlier.  She returned saying, "We do have the bread and they will make it, but we want you to know that normally you CANNOT get items from the lunch menu at this time of day!  We want you to understand that the next time you visit, you will NOT be able to order something from the lunch menu at dinner time.  We NEVER do that!  If you come back, you will not be able to do that.  We NEVER serve lunch at dinnertime.  In the future, you can only order dinner at this time of day.  Only dinners are served during the dinner hours.  Next time you will not be able to order the muffaleta after luncheon hours.  Lunch is only served at lunchtime!"  Obviously, I don't remember the conversation verbatim, but it was definitely this long of a diatribe, and I felt like I was about five!  Don't worry, sweetheart, there won't be a next time!!!

Gary ordered fettuccine alfredo.  The menu described the white sauce as having green peppers.  The waitress said if he didn't want them, they could be omitted, but he did want the peppers. 

Gary promptly drained his glass of Diet Coke and the waitress brought a pitcher for the refill.  This can really set the tone for my restaurant experiences, and I slowed down on my pop consumption!  He now had a glass of warm, flat pop, which melted the little ice he had left from his previous glassful.

My sandwich ($7.00) was served on a large, white plate, with no proper presentation.  No chips or pickle, just the sandwich looking lost on a too big plate.  The large plate must've been because I had committed the sin of ordering lunch at dinner!  The flavor was good though.

Gary's fettuccine ($10, I think) arrived with two, yes two, green pepper strips.  Obviously, the reason they could have been omitted was because they were not simmered in the sauce, but just fresh green pepper strips sitting on top!  It was a very generic dish, nothing special or flavorful about it, and he knew his home cooked  fettuccine would have been superior!

The Journal review said the breadsticks there are really good, but we found they are only served as an appetizer for $6.00.  Salads do not come with the entrees, but must be purchased separately.

The decor was bland, not the clean, minimalist look they were going for. I just checked their new website, laden with punctuation and grammatical errors, hoping to check the menu, but the menu pages are still "under construction".  I had high hopes, but they were dashed, and we will not return.


Gloria S said...

Was hoping for a more positive review since our last experience was like yours....noodles floating in butter. Doesn't sound like we will be going back either. :( How sad.

mommy4kids said...

I also remember the noodles floating in butter when Doug and I went there for our anniversary a few years ago! I was thinking that this review would have been better! Maybe I don't want to go back like I had planned. :(