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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

After church on this hot, sunny, Sunday, we drove north in search of food.  But first we stopped at the Thetford Cemetery to water flowers and then on to the Vassar Cemetery, to water daddy's flowers.  The begonias are surviving the heat and lack of water well!  The geranium had been uprooted, probably by a bunny, deer or woodchuck, so it was done for.  On the way to Vassar we saw deer coming out of the cornfields and crossing the road in front of us in two different places.  I'm surprised the corn is doing so well.  Not everywhere, though.  We also saw a strangely-behaving turkey vulture.  There were a few younger ones in the road, but the adult was a few yards off the road with it's wings fanned out.  It was standing perfectly still as we drove up, and we didn't even realize it was a vulture at first!  It stayed like that for over 10 minutes anyways.  We saw one of the younger ones sitting on roadkill and thought maybe it's mom was distracting the rest of the crowd with her statue imitation.  Of course, as soon as I got home I had to research this strange phenomenon.  It seems that turkey vultures fan their wings open like that to dry them and to bake out bacteria.  Well, yes, there would be bacteria, as they (like storks) urinate and defecate on their legs to cool them.  Yes, Mr. Turkey Vulture, your behavior is just as gross and ugly as you look!

After driving through Vassar and Reese, we settled on Kingfish in Bay City on the river, right across from St. Laurent's Nut House.  They had been open about a half hour and the place was empty.  There were vacuum cleaners sitting in the middle of the floor here and there and also stacks of chairs everywhere.  Maybe they were rearranging to accomodate Sunday guests, but it should have been done earlier!
We were told to sit wherever we wished, so we chose a windowside table in the corner seating four.  Most tables were long and seated six or more.  As we sat down, the waitress said, "Oh, you can't sit there! That's reserved!"  Okaaaaaaay.  Then as we went in search of another small table, a different waitress said the previous table was ok, they'd just remove the linen tablecloth!  Okaaaaaaay!  I'm feeling a little unimportant!  The food was really good, in spite of all that!  I had the Club Med Sandwich ($7.00, I think).  It was bacon, ham, turkey and maybe romaine lettuce on Cuban bread.  Very good!  Gary had the Jerk Chicken Salad ($8.00).  It was also very good, but he expected a spicier chicken and his lettuce WAS iceberg.  He enjoyed the bacon in it and the homemade dressing, which had a pronounced bleu cheese flavor.  It was enjoyable to watch the boats going down the river on such a beautiful summer day.  After we ate, we went outside to check out the four-level deck.  We could have eaten out there, but temps were approaching the nineties.  Reggae music was playing and it seemed quite pleasant.  Watch your step!  Boards were sticking up here and there.  After our time outside, we chose not to reenter the restaurant and went around the north end, the only outside walkway.  We had seen others coming from that direction also.  This area needs a definite upgrade.  There are dumpsters, piles of trash, nice linen tablecloths dropped in the dirt, and ripped open beverage boxes that looked like they had been there several weeks.  It was an awful way to finish a nice meal, and it made me feel that, if this is the way a commonly-used pathway looks outside, what does the kitchen look like?  Is it clean?  The owners definitely need to fix up this area and it could be easily done.

After eating, we couldn't resist the Nut House across the street for seafoam and dark chocolate-covered orange peels!  These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago when we were there with the grandkids. 

In this last picture, the Nut House is the red building and Kingfish is the brown building this side of the antiques mall.

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