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Monday, July 30, 2012

So far this summer up north . . .

Just wanted to show some pics from June and July. This first one was taken from our lawn on Keweenaw Bay (Lake Superior).  Always a beautiful sunset!  Every, single night!  Just when you think there won't be anything to see, the sun sends diamonds across the water!  This is a typical, blazing sunset though.

Just down the road from our cottage in Pequaming, Michigan you can photograph more beautiful sunsets from First Sand Beach.

I took this picture of Asiatic Lilies in Copper Harbor, Michigan.

In July we were back up for the Aura Jamboree.  It it's a music festival in Aura, Michigan, featuring Finnish music played on accordions, fiddles and just about any other instrument you can think of.  We make bean soup every year there in a 50 gallon kettle outdoors.  Michigan navy beans make it the best!

As I've no doubt mentioned before, no city does flowers like Marquette, Michigan.

All along the curbs entering the city are flowers like those above.  Up and down the downtown streets are flowers just like those in the picture with me. 
Of course, I have to close with more sunset pictures:

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