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Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30, 2012 (Sunday)

Today Pastor Karen was at church, although she'd been sick and in bed every day for 18 hours since Christmas!  Halfway through, I thought she was going to collapse during the prayer.  When it was over, she turned and sat down and Pam took over reading, and Gary did the sermon and the rest of the service.  He did so good!

He also had to do the Genesee service.  We grabbed Sausage McMuffins at McDonald's and I went home.  I made the new country curtain for the blocked-up doorway between the kitchen and living room.  Turned out good.  It needs some pizazz, though.  I think tomorrow I'll go get some green ribbon at JoAnn's and string old cookie cutters on it.  That'll be the 3rd day in a row I've been to JoAnn's.

I don't even know what I did all day, just fiddled around I guess.  At dinner time, we went to JoAnn's again!  I needed some black material to cover that thing I bought yesterday.  Ended up buying black with white pin dots.  I thought they'd have a selection of clips I could browse through, but they had none.  Found one I liked at Staples next door.  Here's what I made:

I loved last year's appointment book and have already ordered a new one online from the same company.  I'm saving the "title page" for each month to display.  I was going to trim the left edge, but decided it looked cuter with the frayed edge.    Very happy with it!

Then we ate at Starlite.  I had the muffaletta.  That's a sandwich that originated in St. Orleans, with a Sicilian flavor.  It has salami and ham on it and comes with an olive "salad" to top it with.  I don't like olives, but I love this!  The bread is ciabatta. Delish!

December 29, 2012 (Saturday)

I went to JoAnn Fabrics today and bought green checked material to make a country-looking curtain for the opening between the kitchen and the living room. Also bought a Christmas picture, which was on canvas stretched over wood.  My purpose in buying it is to cover it with black fabric, mount a clip on it, and put up the old pictures from last-year's appointment book on it each month.  Pictures forthcoming!

Tonight we ate at Big Boy, using a Living Social coupon.  I had my usual Slim Jim with a side salad.  They are making their side salads so much better now, adding cheese, chopped tomatoes and more!  It's about time they quit being so cheap with them!  Gary had a Brawny Lad (which he brought home) and the soup and salad bar.  We had the $20 coupon (which I paid $12 for) and ended up paying about 80 cents tonight!

December 28, 2012 (Friday)

Tonight we ate at Twin's, just in case Jen might be there.  She wasn't, but Shawna said she might be able to work a little next week, if she feels OK after her chemo.

December 27, 2012

I went to Kohl's today to use my two Kohl's cash ($10 each).  I bought a teal turtleneck sweater, which was on sale for $9.99.  I'd bought a red one like it last week.  Also bought 2 3-place picture frames, which were $9.99 each.  I had a 30% off coupon.  My final bill was $8 something!

I went to my mother's for her 97th birthday, and she's doing great!

Her roommate has a bad cold.  Hope ma doesn't get it!

We ate at Bangkok Peppers on Hill Road tonight.  It's owned by Gary's friend, Chad.  I enjoyed the cashew chicken and Gary had Pad Thai, I think.  Everything is always delish! Well, maybe not the coconut cake, which we had on the advice of a friend.  Pretty mundane.  The restaurant is tastefully decorated and all the tables have brightly-colored jewel-toned tablecloths in different colors.



December 26, 2012 (Wednesday)

Didn't do much today.  Ate dinner at Senor Lucky's.  Disappointing service, as Stacy wasn't there.

December 25, 2012 - Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas to all!

First we went to Amanda's to see the kids Christmas gifts.  Doug made pancakes for breakfast.

Then we went to Layna's.  Laura's family and Lisa were there.  Laura got me chocolate-covered cherries for Christmas.  My favorite!  They won't last long!  Since we hadn't planned to go there, I didn't have anyone's Christmas presents with me.

Then we went to Gary's friend, Paul's, and I had ham and more, and lemon meringue pie.

Then on to my mom's. 

After that we went to Christen's store, because Gary wanted chicken from there. 

Probably not what people would call a typical Christmas.

December 24, 2012

Today is Christmas Eve and I don't have any shopping I have to do!  Gary said he was going shopping somewhere west of here and mentioned the size he was buying me.  Last minute, typical guy.  Well, he didn't go where I thought he was going.  He went to Sam's and then he went to Paul's, saying he had something he was working on there.  Dumb me, I assumed it was something for me, since it's Christmas Eve and all.  When he got home, he informed me that he had bought a fire truck.  Yes, a real one, full-size.  I was not happy.  Things went downhill from there (inwardly), but I remained halfway cheery.

We went to United Brethren to hear Amanda sing O Holy Night.  Here's a video made of her singing that song a few years ago.

I made the video with pictures taken in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula.

When we got home, we opened our gifts.  He got me a pair of soft Anne Klein pajamas and Cuddl Duds long underwear. 

We were going to go to our church's 11:00 service, but decided not to.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 23, 2012 (Sunday)

Sunday, Churchday.  After church we went for a short drive to kill time before lunch at Cracker Barrel.  I had the country chef salad, which was wonderful, except that the bleu cheese dressing was flavorless and so were the cornbread muffins.  Gary had the Sunday special, a fried chicken dinner, and that was good.  Enjoyed the country store there, not expecting to buy anything, since it's rather pricey.  Good deals today!  I bought a country-looking Christmas stocking, just for decoration, for only $3!  Also got a small poinsettia dish, about 3 x 5" for just $2 on sale.  I might put that on my shelf by the front door.  I'd just have to fix it so it wouldn't fall, if I stood it upright.

From there we went to the Whaley House and enjoyed that a lot!  We'd been there years ago, but I don't remember that time well.

R.J. Whaley ultimately became the President of Citizens Bank.

Loved this lamp!

This tree was real and huge!  Smelled divine!

Their pansy picture.
My pansy picture!

 In my pajamas by 5:30 or so, doing laundry.  Dinner was my world famous grilled cheese with tomato soup.  Had a great day!

December 22, 2012 (Saturday)

Gary was not feeling well today; a bad cold knocked him for a loop. I went to WalMart in Clio and basically finished my Christmas shopping. Then I went to my mom's and then home to pick up Gary to go get some dinner. He was dying to get out of the house and feeling better after being sick about 24 hours. That was a quick cold!

We ate at Tom's.  I had fish & chips (actually fish & baked potato) and he had the pork chop dinner.  We went for a short ride and then home to relax the rest of the night.

Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012 (Friday)

I'm going to try to get better (again!) at keeping my blog updated.  Mostly it's a diary for me (but not too personal!) and a place for me to pin to pinterest from.

Rained a lot yesterday, but today I awoke to a blustery, snowy and windy day. No school (work) yesterday or today anywhere in Genesee County, due to threats by stupid people, as it was supposed to be the "end of the world". Rumors were flying around that kids were going to take guns to school, since it "wouldn't matter anyways".

We went to Twin's hoping to see our waitress friend, Jenny.  She was newly-diagnosed with breast cancer and was going to try to work today.  When we got there, another waitress was working and said Jenny wouldn't be coming back.  She's worked there for years.

Then Gary babysat and I went to Sam's and Kohl's.  I still need to go to K-Mart, maybe tomorrow.  I was looking for a down pillow for Gary, but they were about $60 at Sam's, which I thought was ridiculous.  All I bought there was blueberries!  I had lots of samples there, a/k/a dinner. 

I bought two red sweaters for myself that were half off, plus I had a 30% off coupon.  I bought 5 fleece or Sherpa or whatever throws for gifts.  Got Gary's pillow there, which is part down.  Also ended up with two Kohl's cash coupons ($10 each).  I only was entitled to one, but since the cashier accidentally charged me for an extra throw and they had to redo my purchase, they gave me an extra! I only have a short time to use them after Christmas.

Had a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie from the now closed Wolcott's.  Gary stopped by there today to talk to the former owner, Bob.

I have gifts piled all over my bed, by designee.  Guess I'd better go address that issue!  Good night for snuggling up!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Iverson Snowshoes


Iverson snowshoes are made in Shingleton, east of Munising, Michigan.  They've been produced there since 1954 of the finest Michigan ash. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 15, 2012 - Our August trip to the U.P.

The preceding pics were taken at the tourist information center just after crossing the Bridge.  They do such a nice job with their flowers!

These were taken along the portage, near Chassell.

These two are overlooking Keweenaw Bay, above Baraga.

Golden eagle, or immature bald eagle?

Pequaming sunsets are amazing!


And this is a favorite of mine!  Taken while walking along the Federal walkway
 along the portage, near L'anse.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012 - Postscript to yesterday's post

Enjoyed Restaurant Impossible's episode at Paliani's in Burton, MI.  The first thing I noticed is that Robert Irvine agreed with me on the dishes floating in melted butter.  His was shrimp scampi, and mine was fettuccine.  The cooks called it butter sauce, but in actuality it was just melted butter.

I was grossed out by the dirty carpet and furniture legs.  And THEN, they told how the owner changed the two-year-old's diapers on the prep table.  OMG!!! 

When we entered last night we didn't notice that the entrance had been changed at all.  Not really obvious.  You still have to go the the left or the right.  We were seated to the left, which was the room I referred to as "bland".  Really no decoration whatsoever!  I would've preferred the "dusty ivy and grapes"!  The show, however, enhanced that room with their photography lighting and made it look better.  The dining room to the right looked nicer on television, and that was where the "Paliani's" decoration was on the wall.  There were only two or three tables of customers, so why not seat everyone in the nicer room? 

Discovered our very rude waitress was actually the manager, who played a big part in the show!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12, 2012 - Dinner at Paliani's

We decided to dine at Paliani's tonight, before the premiere of the Restaurant Impossible episode filmed there this past summer.  We ate there several months ago and vowed not to go back, even though we'd always liked it in the past and had them cater Amanda's wedding a few years ago.  Our guests raved over that meal!  When we last ate there, I remember my fettuccine swimming in a lake of butter, which was very unappetizing, not to mention messy!

We were seated promptly when we arrived around 3:30.  Our waitress took our drink order, returned and asked if we were ready to order.  The menu was printed on one side of a sheet of paper.  A third of that was appetizers, and there were, I think, three salads, two or three pizzas and about eight entrees.  However, we couldn't decide that quickly.  The waitress left, and even though there were only three tables of guests and at least two waitresses, she didn't come back for a very long time, so long that I was about to go look for her.  When she finally reappeared, I asked about the muffaleta, as that was mentioned in last night's Flint Journal.  She said it was on the lunch menu and she'd check if they still could make it, as they were about out of that bread earlier.  She returned saying, "We do have the bread and they will make it, but we want you to know that normally you CANNOT get items from the lunch menu at this time of day!  We want you to understand that the next time you visit, you will NOT be able to order something from the lunch menu at dinner time.  We NEVER do that!  If you come back, you will not be able to do that.  We NEVER serve lunch at dinnertime.  In the future, you can only order dinner at this time of day.  Only dinners are served during the dinner hours.  Next time you will not be able to order the muffaleta after luncheon hours.  Lunch is only served at lunchtime!"  Obviously, I don't remember the conversation verbatim, but it was definitely this long of a diatribe, and I felt like I was about five!  Don't worry, sweetheart, there won't be a next time!!!

Gary ordered fettuccine alfredo.  The menu described the white sauce as having green peppers.  The waitress said if he didn't want them, they could be omitted, but he did want the peppers. 

Gary promptly drained his glass of Diet Coke and the waitress brought a pitcher for the refill.  This can really set the tone for my restaurant experiences, and I slowed down on my pop consumption!  He now had a glass of warm, flat pop, which melted the little ice he had left from his previous glassful.

My sandwich ($7.00) was served on a large, white plate, with no proper presentation.  No chips or pickle, just the sandwich looking lost on a too big plate.  The large plate must've been because I had committed the sin of ordering lunch at dinner!  The flavor was good though.

Gary's fettuccine ($10, I think) arrived with two, yes two, green pepper strips.  Obviously, the reason they could have been omitted was because they were not simmered in the sauce, but just fresh green pepper strips sitting on top!  It was a very generic dish, nothing special or flavorful about it, and he knew his home cooked  fettuccine would have been superior!

The Journal review said the breadsticks there are really good, but we found they are only served as an appetizer for $6.00.  Salads do not come with the entrees, but must be purchased separately.

The decor was bland, not the clean, minimalist look they were going for. I just checked their new website, laden with punctuation and grammatical errors, hoping to check the menu, but the menu pages are still "under construction".  I had high hopes, but they were dashed, and we will not return.

Monday, July 30, 2012

So far this summer up north . . .

Just wanted to show some pics from June and July. This first one was taken from our lawn on Keweenaw Bay (Lake Superior).  Always a beautiful sunset!  Every, single night!  Just when you think there won't be anything to see, the sun sends diamonds across the water!  This is a typical, blazing sunset though.

Just down the road from our cottage in Pequaming, Michigan you can photograph more beautiful sunsets from First Sand Beach.

I took this picture of Asiatic Lilies in Copper Harbor, Michigan.

In July we were back up for the Aura Jamboree.  It it's a music festival in Aura, Michigan, featuring Finnish music played on accordions, fiddles and just about any other instrument you can think of.  We make bean soup every year there in a 50 gallon kettle outdoors.  Michigan navy beans make it the best!

As I've no doubt mentioned before, no city does flowers like Marquette, Michigan.

All along the curbs entering the city are flowers like those above.  Up and down the downtown streets are flowers just like those in the picture with me. 
Of course, I have to close with more sunset pictures: