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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Went to church a little early, because we were greeters and had to get communion ready. Talked to Nancy, Deb, Faye and Sandy. Then we had blueberry pancakes and bacon at Naples in Montrose. They are good, but the restaurant is a dive. Yucky carpet, and the bathroom wasn't that great either.

After we got home, I left for Amanda's and helped cleaning up her old house for a bit. Then I took Madilyn back-to-school shopping at Old Navy in Birch Run.  I got her 2 pair of flip flops, cute grey sweats with purple trim and a purple striped polo.  The whole outfit makes her look nice and slim.

I got a frappe and she got a shake at McD.  Her family was at my house.  I pinned up her pants and I have 3 pair to shorten right away. 

Went to my mom's.  Her roommate has adjusted a little, but can't hear.  Her family didn't visit her today!  So she didn't get her hearing aid back with new batteries!  She was worried she was disturbing us.  Poor lady.  Hope this works out!

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