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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Had a profitable day today! Gary turned gold coins and jewelry in at the coin shop in Davison and did quite well!

I did a lot of cleaning in the bathroom.

When Gary got home we ate at Tom's Classic Coney Island.  Then I had to get communion supplies at VG's.  Difficult finding the right grape juice, and even more difficult finding a loaf of unsliced bread.  Settled on an Italian loaf.  I shouldn't stress out about it so much.

Then I rushed to my mother's.  Her new roommate is there (98 years old) and is crying all the time, because she doesn't want to be there!  That better end right away!  My mom can't take care of another one!

Then we went out to church to change altar cloths.  It was swelteringly hot as I did the birthday board and drew a picture on it.

Read my Shania Twain autobio for awhile and IM'd with my sister.  Now to get to bed during this storm!

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