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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I was pleased to have my pictures of the Iverson Snowshoe shop/factory chosen on today as their pictures of the day!  Lots of interesting comments on them!

In the afternoon, I picked up Amanda and Emmy to go sign up the kids for school in Davison. The other kids went to the playground with Papa.  Pulled in our driveway before heading to KFC in Clio and discovered Emmy's carseat in the backseat.  Amanda needed it to take Gracie to soccer at 6:00, so back to Davison we headed.  Then to Clio to eat!  Dropped Gary off for the revival, and I went on to my mom's.  I got back to the revival at it's end. 

Mom's roommate will be with her for one more night before going to an assisted living for Alzheimer's patients.  Ma was up with her all last night!  She'll have 3 nights' rest before the new roommate moves in, a lady over 100 years old!  I hope this works out!

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