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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It was cool enough this morning to wear my brown pants & cami with the matching jacket to church. Love this weather! No humidity either! I was presented with a prayer shawl for my mom during the service today, a pretty and soft purple. Leaves fuzz everywhere though, so I should have took it home and washed it before I gave it to her.  We went to visit her after church and woke her up. I had to decide whether to go early or make a special trip out later. I'm going through so much gas!

Then we drove through the Clio Taco Bell and got 99 cent nachos that were on special. We took them to the Clio Park to eat in the car, and it started pouring! After a bit, we went home and I did laundry and tried to nap. But, as usual, the phone kept ringing and Gary was noisy. He made Shepherd's Pie in a cast iron skillet for dinner. Delish!

We went to McD later and the Rodmans met us there for ice cream.

Tomorrow I have to take my car in for repairs.

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