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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

I need to get motivated to maintain this blog! I've been busy, though, with all it takes moving my mom from the hospital to the nursing home to the assisted living home. Things should calm down soon, and then what will be my excuse?!!!

This morning my son-in-law came by and gave me the money he owed me for the $93 worth of gas I put in his car and the $20 their phone bill went over last month. Then I went to the post office and drove through McD and got a snack wrap and a Diet Coke. Then my sister called me to meet her and Beth at McD, so I took my pop and went back over! That was nice. After that, I went home and hung out with Amanda and the kiddos.

Later we went to Twin's and got too much food, since Gary wanted to get the special which was $2 more than what we would have gotten anyways. I don't like doing that, though, because it added size to the pizza plus one more topping plus bread sticks!

Then we came home and I turned around and went back to Clio to my mom's. She was feeling badly today so did not take her morning Lasix. Her bp was up also. Tonight she said she felt better and owed it to the lack of Lasix. She's been there one week and only gotten two nights' good sleep due to her roommates roaming around in the night (and once yelling "Fire!". She saw the tiny red light on ma's phone base and thought it was a fire!).

Then I went on to Birch Run and Vanity Fair to get underwear and a top on sale at Bon Worth. Sure I don't have money to spend, but I just tell myself it's less than Gary spends on all his breakfast, lunch and dinner dates with friends!

Had a quiet evening while Gary was at his meeting. Watched my tivo'd All My Children and Dr. Oz.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this cooler weather and I'm certainly more productive! It has usually been getting up to about 82, but with low humidity.  Can't wait to get up north soon!

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