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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tonight we ate at Applebee's.  Gary is hooked on their $5.99 soup and salad lunch, which he upgrades to $7.99 and gets the spinach and shrimp salad along with his tomato basil soup.  I thought I'd try something different tonight and got the orange chicken.  I didn't like it very well.  The orange flavor was too sweet and cloying, so it was a disappointment for Thursday Night, Date Night.  Oh well!

To catch up, Mom went into the hospital Saturday morning after being disoriented and weak.  They said she had low potassium (sometimes it's too high) and sodium and was dehydrated.  No stroke or heart attack, as we were wondering if she'd had a stroke.  Alexa called Sandy when she left for work that morning, and Sandy called me.  Gary and I went down and mom was sitting on the toilet calling for help.  I offered to lift her, but she didn't want me to hurt myself so she allowed Gary to come in and help. He carried her in to bed and she slept for awhile.  I decided I should call her doctor, and he said to take her in to the hospital, so I called for the ambulance. 

She was in the hospital until Wednesday, July 6, when her doctor gave the order for her to go into the nursing home.  No idea for how long.  We have a meeting with them in two weeks and will know more then.  We'd like for her to go from there into assisted living if there is an opening and she'll go along with that.  The price is about the same as she is now paying for apartment rent, Lifeline, electric, caregivers, food, etc.

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