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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pretty nice day today! Went to church, no coat needed. Afterwards, we drove to the Otisville McDonald's. I had a McChicken.  We'll see how many Weight Watcher's points that was! Went for a drive in the country.  Later we went to Carter's first BMX race ever.  He came in third out of six in the first heat, but won the second heat! Therefore, he got to skip the next two races and just do the final.  He came in second in his division for the day!  Temps were in the seventies with the sun beating down on us.  I'll probably have a sunburned face.

On the way back, Gary snapped this shot of a posing goose at The Mounds.  He didn't know there was a turtle in the picture!

We ate at Tom's (The Classic Coney Island) in Genesee. Gary had liver and onions and I had a BLT pita.

Good day all around, and I have a day off tomorrow!

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