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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

We lost our internet connection last night, and I think it was due to trying to download a song on Vuze.  The song sent me to imesh, and I think that's what did it.  Couldn't get on the internet after that and couldn't fix the problem.  I did an AVG system scan and the only error (warning) it showed mentioned Google Chrome.  I was able to delete that error, but it didn't help.  So after church this morning, I found a back way onto the internet and that worked.  I clicked on Google Chrome on my desktop and then I could Google Facebook or any other website I wanted and it worked.  However, all my tool bars were gone, as were my favorites.  When I went to sign into FB, the only email address left from my long list was Layna's!  Awhile later I remembered about System Restore.  So I found that and clicked that I wanted to restore it to April 1 and IT WORKED!!!  Everything was back to normal! Hope it stays OK.

Gary had to preach this morning and Madilyn sang God of This City.  They also did it at Genesee. 

In the afternoon, I was on the computer, and there was a facebook post from Jodie about the snow.  I turned around and it was snowing hard.  After awhile, it turned to rain and made a big mess of deep slush on the roads, and it was 32 degrees.  I had to go pick up Amanda & the kids to go to Oregon Church for a Lenten service and it was white-knuckle driving!  Then I went back & picked up Gary and the potluck dish and he drove on to Oregon.  People said there were cars in the ditch everywhere, and I also heard about overturned cars along the expressway.  Good food at the potluck.  The kids got rambunctious, though, during the musical program. 

I did lots of Amanda's wash as her washer has quit.  Then paid bills for April.

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