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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Night, December 30, 2010

Today we ate at da Edoardo's on Holly Road, east of I-75, the blue buildings housing Big Apple Bagels and Dr. Silverton's office.  I had a coupon to use, which provided for $10 off a $20 or more lunch. 

Our waiter never cracked a smile during our entire stay.  We soon learned that after every time we saw him, it would be a long wait before he returned, although the restaurant had few customers, and he appeared to only be waiting on our table.  Eventually he returned after taking our drink orders ($3 for a Diet Coke).  Then there was another long wait before our bread basket arrived, along with icy cold butter.  Gary ordered char-grilled tuna from the lunch menu.  It came with a small side of pasta with an unremarkable tomato sauce. That was $15.95, and he added a side salad, which should have been $2.60.  He ordered it with bleu cheese dressing, but did not request the added bleu cheese crumbles. That was how it was served anyways, making the salad $4.00, for a $20 lunch for him with water as his beverage.  I ordered the Chicken Milanese salad, substituting bleu cheese dressing for the vinaigrette.  Again, bleu cheese crumbles were added, which I believe added $2.00 to my order. Two breaded chicken breasts were under the salad, but there seemed to be no seasonings in the breading.  Neither of our meals were flavorful. 

No drink refills were offered by our waiter.  The bill came to $36.99, with an 18% gratuity added in and our $10 coupon being deducted.  Imagine paying $47.00 for lunch for two with only one beverage!  On the good side, I did take home a third of my salad.  I do enjoy the view there, even though it is basically a swamp.  We watched a muskrat poking his head out of one spot of open water and then another.  A pheasant was strutting across the ice for a drink, too.

So-o-o-o-o, our bill came to $36.99 as I stated and, out of my $40, change was brought in the amount of $3.00! I was shorted one cent! I really don't think it is up to the waiter or the restaurant to decide whether I get my penny or not!  As we left our table, I noticed that other diners had received seasoned olive oil for dipping their bread and I remembered that we had gotten that the other time we were there. It was not offered this time.

Then I went in the bathroom on the way out.  Out of three stalls, stall one had no toilet paper and stall two had very little.  I guess I should've checked stall three out of curiosity.  A jug of liquid soap was on the counter, as if someone was waiting for the dispenser to run out before refilling it.  The wastebasket was overflowing all over the floor. This was definitely not what you'd expect in the restroom of an upscale restaurant.  Roadside rest areas are better kept! Generally, I make it a point to tell the staff of a restaurant or a store if the bathroom isn't clean, etc., but no one could be found to tell, so I left and am now telling the world.

So that will be the last time we dine at da Edoardo's.

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