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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weather was bad when we went to church, and the roads were terrible.  We didn't get all the snow that was expected, but it was blowing and snowing all day.  No school tomorrow!!!  Our school was the least in our area to call in.

We went to K-Mart after church, because I wanted to find slippers for ma, and they did have them.  She just likes thin-soled ones, and most now are cushy.  It makes sense that she wants something that gives her close contact to the floor for surer footing.  They we ate at Arby's.  I wanted to go there and check out the glasses they had.  They were NOT holiday ones, and WERE ugly!  Gary had a chicken sandwich and I had a regular Arby's for the calorie-saving benefits.  Then we went to WalMart to find boots for Clark.  Their boots were $5 cheaper than K-Mart.  He wanted boots, and Gracie told him to tell Papa, because Papa bought hers last year.  I don't know how she remembers everything that happened when she was two!

Stayed in out of the weather all afternoon and made an alfredo pasta with sundried tomatoes and parmesan on top.  Also made hot Italian sausage, but didn't add it to the pasta, as I didn't want to change the pasta's intended flavor. 

So blustery that I decided not to go to ma's.  The snow feels like needles hitting your face. 

Stray Black Kitty has not shown his face at our house since I let him out last evening.  I hope he is in a safe, warm place.  I've actually been checking at the front and back doors very often, sometimes every 10 minutes!  Usually when he disappears like that, he comes home as soon as it's dark, but not tonight.  He's staying out of the weather someplace.

Yay for the snow day tomorrow!

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