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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I ran to Penney's this morning and got A.J. a hooded sweatshirt for Christmas.  It was regular $30 and on sale for $9.99, but I had a coupon reducing it to $7.99.  Good deal!

Then I went to Sam's in Grand Blanc and got my mixed nuts and Babybel cheese.  The cheese is about 60 cents each, but after going without for a couple weeks, I realize it's worth it.  After all, you'd pay that much for a candy bar!  I had to renew my $40 membership.  I don't like paying so much for as little as I go there, but what I get is necessary.

Then I went to Big Lots and spent almost $30, which is a lot to me for there.  I spent $11 on two boxes of unique Christmas cards, a doll for Emmy for Christmas (I think it's black, not sure), fall candle rings (about 20 cents each!) that I'd been looking for, and some other odds and ends.

I put my video of Amanda singing O Holy Night to a backdrop of others' Keweenaw photos on Facebook tonight.  I did a very good job making that video!  Then Mary Drew of pastycam saw it and wants to use it on that site Christmas Eve or Christmas Day!  I'm so excited!  People from all over the world look at pastycam every morning.  Charlie is removing it from youtube, so it won't link to there.  Here it is!

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