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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday is finally here!  Payday as well! Longevity added into the check for a nice bonus of $350. 

Today I had two senior edp groups.  It's a good thing they like me, and I like them, because they can drive me NUTS!  "But it says I'm already 100% done!" "That doesn't mean you don't have to update your goals and career planning activities!"        "But why do I have to update my Matchmaker questions?" "Because you're not the same person you were in 8th grade!"

Of course, we ate at Twin's tonight.  We ordered a large Greek grinder.  It was good, but not the best I've had there.  I guess it could've used more feta, and I think they are making some of their things at too high of a temperature.  Overdone and crusty on the outside.

I managed to stay awake throughout What Not To Wear tonight.

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