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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Different type of evening for us tonight.  Instead of eating soon after I get out of work at 2:35, we had a special dinner to attend at the Clio Masonic Temple.  Dinner consisted of tossed salad with a sweet (Asian?) dressing and nuts, lasagna, fresh green beans (not hot enough), garlic bread.  Good enough, but there should have been salad bowls and dessert plates, instead of just a smallish dinner plate.  Therefore, I could not get dessert when I went through the line,  Later, they did put out those bowls and plates.  Gary got me a tasty rhubarb crunch and put it in a coffee cup.  That worked.

After dinner, there was a very nice program of dulcimer, tin whistle and ukelin performed by the pair who had previously been with Living Truth. 

Then Gary received his pin for 40 years in Masonry and a very nice framed certificate, which has an old-timey look making it more special. 

Raining pretty hard right now.  I wonder who'll get kicked off Dancing With The Stars?  Tonight, it should be Bristol, but you never know.

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