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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today seemed like an unbelievably long day.  Neither bad nor good, just long.

We had church in the morning as usual and delicious snacks thereafter.  Then we drove through the Otisville McDonald's before taking a country drive.  That has to be my favorite after-church activity, preferred to going out to a sit-down breakfast.  I'm not one for going out to breakfast.

When I got home, I started the laundry, but will wait on the final two loads until I get home from my mother's tonight with her laundry.  I do lights, darks and hots.

I took the book I'm reading with me to mom's tonight:  The Wolf Tree by Joseph Heywood.  It's one of his woods cop series, set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I read a little while we watched Lawrence Welk and between conversation topics.  Being almost blind, she doesn't notice.

Back to work and routine tomorrow!

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