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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

When we arrived at church, we discovered there was no heat.  Everyone left their coats on except me.  It bugs me to have my coat on when I'm inside.  Pastor Karen asked us to light the advent wreath.  Keith got the pilot lit on the furnace, and eventually it warmed up.

We went to The Exit in Birch Run for an "X" restaurant, as there are none listed online in the entire state, and none in the phone book either.  So that's as close as we could get.  We were seated in the glassed in area in the front, and that was nice.  Then the waitress brought me a regular Coke, instead of a Diet.  As soon as I mentioned it, she knew what I was going to say, as if she knew all along.  That's beyond irritating!  I ordered "fluffy blueberry pancakes", and they really were fluffy!  I now always ask for sugar-free syrup after realizing what a huge calorie difference it makes.  Usually I'm brought a bottle of Smucker's, but this time it was a generic.  OK, though.  Gary, of course, ordered the buffet and was satisfied with that.

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