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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well, things seem to be looking up pain-wise.  I continued my steri-pak and only took one Tylenol with codeine before church, to make sure I could made it through the service.  After church, I was talking to two other ladies there, when a fourth asked me how my pain was.  As I was telling her, and relating the short version of the story to the other two, I discovered they had the same dentist and said they had never been treated as roughly and had pain for a long time thereafter.  It looks like we'll all be looking for new dentists!

Lunch was the drive-thru at McDonald's in Otisville and then a short country drive.  Then we came home and Gary conked out after taking a Contac for his impending cold.  He felt better after another nap sitting on the couch, so we headed for the funeral home in Swartz Creek, as a friend from school's stepmother passed away.  We didn't see anyone we knew there. 

Afterwards, we headed for Venus (Coney Island?) on Fenton Road, north of Hill.  We hadn't did our "V Week" restaurant yet due to my birthday freebies, so we thought we'd accomplish that for dinner.  I ordered a Slim Jim, and it was better than Big Boy's, bigger, but not too big, with really good ham.  Gary had a broiled fish dinner and I wonder if he found that in the heart-smart section, which they have on the menu, as he was not offered butter or sour cream for his baked potato.  He enjoyed the dinner, which came with a very nice salad bar (baby greens!) and two sides in addition to the mixed veggies on the plate.  He chose the aforementioned potato and a side of spaghetti (very good), both of which he brought home for tomorrow.  Hope that happens, as his traditional fourth meal late at night is not a good thing!

Watched Lawrence Welk with my mom.  No pain so far, and the only Tylenol was this morning before church.  Continuing the steri-pak, of course.

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