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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Over a week and a half ago, I had a dental appointment for a core and crown.  I've had several different dentists over the years, largely because they keep disappearing in Genesee!  Well, I've never had a dentist treat me so roughly as this one!  I told the assistant, after he had began and left the room, that he certainly "barrels right in there", and she rolled her eyes, as if in agreement.  Then I had another couple hours to go!  The whole appointment took 2-1/2 hours, and so I cancelled with my mom, because I was wiped out and expected to feel terrible after I thawed out.  Well, at that time, I didn't actually feel as badly as I expected.

The next day, I felt crummy, and every day thereafter for over a week and a half.  Lots of pain.  The pain would start in my earlobe and travel down along my jawline, twinging like an earache does, but this was not inside my ear.  I kept telling myself it just needed to heal, but it should've healed by now!  So I went to Penney's to do a little Christmas shopping.  I can just as well experience the pain at the mall as I can at home.  Then I ran in Aldi's to stock up on peanut butter and a couple healthy snacks for the grandkids at church tomorrow morning.  Then the pain started getting worse, and I was moaning all the way home.  Ibuprophen was not helping at all now.  I'd also been swishing salt water twice a day since the appointment.  I had to drop off my two pies at church in Clio, so I went on to that after-hours clinic, even though Amanda had to wait there two hours a few weeks ago.  The same happened to me.  The doctor first checked inside my ears to make sure it wasn't an inner-ear infection, and they looked fine, so that was a relief.  Then he checked my mouth, looking for infection, and that wasn't the case, but he said it still was healing.  Like I said, the dentist was rough, and I'm a fast healer.  He said the cause of my severe pain was the actual dental work, the rough treatment and my mouth being forced open for periods longer than necessary.  He gave me a steri-pak and Tylenol with codein.  He said if I thought I needed more, he'd give me a prescription for Vicodin, but I just took the Tylenol.

Then I went on to the roast beef dinner at church.  The meat was delicious, and so was everything else.  I dropped off my prescriptions at VG's on my way to my mother's.  I didn't stay with her long, because I was anxious to get my prescriptions started.  I took my first six pills from the steri-pak and one Tylenol, although you can take two if needed.  I sure hope it works!  Actually, by bedtime I felt less pain.

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