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Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to work and had a busy and good day.  One of my Facebook high school friends brought me Puppy Chow made by her and a couple friends.  That's the sweet stuff made with chex cereal.  So good!  I learned how to make FB friends clickable in my posts.  That's cool.  Friday I learned how to put a favorites bar at the top of my page when I'm on the internet.  Once you have that, you can't live without it!  Having difficulty putting widgets on my desktop at work, though.  No problem at home.  Maybe because I have XP at school and 7 at home.

We went to Twin's right after school.  We split a chicken strip dinner and still brought most of the chicken home!  Then I ran in WalMart to get Gary shaving cream, but there right in front of me were racks of $1 clothes!  I bought ten things, mostly for Amanda and Doug.

It'll be cold all week, making it easier to figure out what to wear to work.

Today's offer on Seize the Deal was a pair of Flint Symphony tickets to Christmas at Pops for only $16.  Yup, I seized that deal and am so excited about it!  One of those ultimate Christmas experiences!

Tomorrow night we are having dinner at the Clio Masonic Temple as Gary gets some kind of forty-year recognition.

Now I need to go get organized for tomorrow after reading Lorrie's blog from Ireland!

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