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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday, November 26, 2010

It's the day after Thanksgiving and all through my house, it was warm and cozy and quiet without my spouse.  He'd gone shopping at ABC Warehouse.

We were totally out of garbage bags (not good, post-Thanksgiving) and cat food.  So I went to Family Dollar and picked up those two items and nothing else!  Well, nothing else except the York Peppermint Patty.  Then I went to the craft bazaar at Camelot Villa.  Didn't buy anything.  Nothing there that interested me (what does interest me at bazaars anymore?) and a half hour after it started some of the vendors were just arriving!  I was thinking about going to Penney's and Target, but it was cold and blustery, so I drove through McDonald's for my version of comfort food: a hamburger and a Diet Coke.  I realized I could order what I needed from Penny's online at the sale price, so that made life easier, because I could get the sizes I needed without digging through store displays and finding they were sold out.  The site was slow, though.

Did some decorating this afternoon.  Gary bought me Christmas presents and "hid" them on top of the Christmas decoration boxes I was using!  What was he thinking?  Then he was mad that I saw the presents!  Hel-loooooo!  The decoration boxes were open and obviously being used!  Then he put up the tree.  I'll do more tomorrow.  The tree needs to be weighted down to protect it from adventurous cats.

This is how Elmo destroyed our Christmas tree in 2008.  I didn't even realize he was that old.

We ventured out in the bluster to eat at Twin's.  Our punchcard was filled up, so we had a free medium pizza.  Gary added extra cheese to our green peppers and pepperoni.  The punchcard provides for one topping. 

Then we came home and I watched some HGTV, which has some good Christmas decorating this year.  Lately, I'd been unsatisfied with it.  Also read a little of my Rick Springfield autobiography.  What Not To Wear was a recap of previous episodes combined together, which means they can call it "New" in the guide, but it really is a rerun.  So naturally I fell asleep.

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