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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day of November and rainy to some degree all day long.  It'll be colder tonight and for the near future. 

We ate at Senor Lucky's tonight and had one of those multi-tasking waitresses that annoy the heck out of me.  Multi-tasking can be good, but not if it slows down the waitressing.  What I'm referring to are those waitresses who do not refill your pop (for example) unless their other tables' orders are ready to bring out. They don't want to make the trip to your table unless they are also carrying items for at least two more tables.  Tonight the issue was napkins.  I asked if we could have extra napkins, and she said "sure", but first proceeded to clean up three tables and wait in the kitchen for orders she could bring out.  I'm glad nothing was spilled!

My other restaurant peeve is waitresses wearing perfume.  When my food is delivered to the table, I want to smell the food, not the heavy floral perfume of the waitress.  I'd swear I can taste the perfume in my first bite!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to work after the four-day Thanksgiving weekend.  The Book Fair was all set up.  I can't see the library door from my desk, but I'll manage.  We worked on decorating off and on all day.  Pictures forthcoming, when we're done.

We ate at Twin's tonight, splitting a delicious salad.

Now I need to get back to organizing the tubs of Christmas decorations, and maybe decorate a little more.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

When we arrived at church, we discovered there was no heat.  Everyone left their coats on except me.  It bugs me to have my coat on when I'm inside.  Pastor Karen asked us to light the advent wreath.  Keith got the pilot lit on the furnace, and eventually it warmed up.

We went to The Exit in Birch Run for an "X" restaurant, as there are none listed online in the entire state, and none in the phone book either.  So that's as close as we could get.  We were seated in the glassed in area in the front, and that was nice.  Then the waitress brought me a regular Coke, instead of a Diet.  As soon as I mentioned it, she knew what I was going to say, as if she knew all along.  That's beyond irritating!  I ordered "fluffy blueberry pancakes", and they really were fluffy!  I now always ask for sugar-free syrup after realizing what a huge calorie difference it makes.  Usually I'm brought a bottle of Smucker's, but this time it was a generic.  OK, though.  Gary, of course, ordered the buffet and was satisfied with that.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I went to Target and Penney's today and there were no lines at either place!  I bought a $3.99 dvd at Target.  They were basically sold out of them, but I found one someone at misplaced.  That's all I bought there.  At Penney's, I got Clark some 4T corduroy pants with elastic waists, and they should work well for him.  I got Gracie a top to go with her pj bottoms, but I'm not satisfied with it.  It's "thermal", but thin and not warm.

Watched Intolerable Cruelty with George Clooney, a comedy.  Pretty funny, but as usual, I fell asleep for a short time in the middle of it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday, November 26, 2010

It's the day after Thanksgiving and all through my house, it was warm and cozy and quiet without my spouse.  He'd gone shopping at ABC Warehouse.

We were totally out of garbage bags (not good, post-Thanksgiving) and cat food.  So I went to Family Dollar and picked up those two items and nothing else!  Well, nothing else except the York Peppermint Patty.  Then I went to the craft bazaar at Camelot Villa.  Didn't buy anything.  Nothing there that interested me (what does interest me at bazaars anymore?) and a half hour after it started some of the vendors were just arriving!  I was thinking about going to Penney's and Target, but it was cold and blustery, so I drove through McDonald's for my version of comfort food: a hamburger and a Diet Coke.  I realized I could order what I needed from Penny's online at the sale price, so that made life easier, because I could get the sizes I needed without digging through store displays and finding they were sold out.  The site was slow, though.

Did some decorating this afternoon.  Gary bought me Christmas presents and "hid" them on top of the Christmas decoration boxes I was using!  What was he thinking?  Then he was mad that I saw the presents!  Hel-loooooo!  The decoration boxes were open and obviously being used!  Then he put up the tree.  I'll do more tomorrow.  The tree needs to be weighted down to protect it from adventurous cats.

This is how Elmo destroyed our Christmas tree in 2008.  I didn't even realize he was that old.

We ventured out in the bluster to eat at Twin's.  Our punchcard was filled up, so we had a free medium pizza.  Gary added extra cheese to our green peppers and pepperoni.  The punchcard provides for one topping. 

Then we came home and I watched some HGTV, which has some good Christmas decorating this year.  Lately, I'd been unsatisfied with it.  Also read a little of my Rick Springfield autobiography.  What Not To Wear was a recap of previous episodes combined together, which means they can call it "New" in the guide, but it really is a rerun.  So naturally I fell asleep.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday, Thanksgiving, November 25, 2010

So much to do today before the family arrived.  Lots of cleaning to do and an 11 lb. turkey, plus a 6 lb. turkey breast, to get ready.  Pretty much everything else had to be prepared at the last minute: the yams and apples, mashed potatoes, rolls.  Not too difficult of a meal to prepare.  There were 11 of us, 6 of them kids.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The holidays are growing closer, with Thanksgiving arriving tomorrow.  Therefore, the mood at school/work is becoming more festive while we still remain productive. 

I have so much cleaning to get done before company (family) comes tomorrow. 

Tonight we ate at Senor Lucky's, and it was nice to relax there for awhile.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today is Granddaughter Elissa's 20th birthday.

I had a dreaded appointment with my evil dentist at 4:00 today.  I got my permanent crown on.  I don't know how any dentist can make that painful.  Actually I do know, he is way too rough, jamming his fingers and instruments into my mouth and gums in a way that no other dentist ever has.  I am now done with him.  So Gary won't be going to him, neither will 6 other members of my family, or two women from church that have had bad experiences with him similar to mine (or their families).

Monday, November 22, 2010

After my bout of throwing up last night, I felt fine and went to school/work today.  After work, we ate at Twin's and split a salad.  Gary also got a hamburger.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We went to Woodside Church, next to Mott College, today, as Gary knows the female pastor who is leaving there today.  This is a church that celebrates diversity of every kind.  There was a potluck afterwards.  Turkey and a few other main dishes were provided in addition to what parishioners and others brought.

Amanda & the kids came over later. 

I woke up when Gary came to bed at about 1:00 a.m.  I went in the bathroom feeling a little strange, and shortly thereafter I threw up lots.  When I was done with that I went to bed and felt fine!  Must've been something I ate at the potluck.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lazed around all morning, then rushed to get ready to go to Penney's before the doorbuster sales ended at 1:00.  Didn't buy any doorbusters, though.  I bought a new living room lamp to go between the recliners.  Now I'll be able to read in there.  I also got a green rug for inside the front door.  I bought exactly what I went for, as usual.  I had a $15 off a $15 or more purchase coupon and used that on those two sale items.

I had my almost daily McDonald's hamburger and Diet Coke on the way.  Hey, I lost 43 lbs. on that diet!

Later, for an early dinner, I had leftover chicken and baked potato salad from Laura.

Tomorrow Gary wants to go to Woodside Church in Flint for the farewell to some pastor friend of his.  There will be what I think is a Thanksgiving dinner after.  Parishioners bring potluck items to go with what is prepared at the church.  Church starts at 10:00, an hour later than ours.

It's bitter cold tonight, severe clear.  It's about 28 degrees, but feels colder.  The moon is full and shining brightly!  WHNN is playing all Christmas carols now, making for pleasant drives to and from my mom's every night.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

I spent a long time at work changing the students' EDP passwords, as required by Career Cruising.  I'm probably not even half done.  It's a tedious process, requiring many steps for each student.  I don't mind, though.  That work was broken up by checking out books to elementary students, so that was good.

I looked forward to my belated birthday dinner at Laura's at 4:00.  She served chicken, baked potato salad, baked beans, tossed salad, raw vegetables, chips and dip and chocolate cake.  Her family gave me a soft white throw, a snowman towel, and Cella's chocolate-covered cherries (the ONLY brand to have!).  Amanda's family gave me the Jenny-O turkey burgers, which I requested!
Laura and Gracie

Emmy Bean at 8-1/2 months


For the second week in a row, I fell asleep for the last half of my favorite, What Not To Wear.  I need to tivo it before I fall asleep!

Thursday Night, "W Night, November 18, 2010

W Night took us to Wah Nam for Chinese food.  Wah Nam has been near the corner of Richfield and Genesee Roads in Flint for ages and is well-known by the locals for really good Chinese food and take-out.  I had Almond Boneless Chicken, which comes with soup (mine was chicken rice), an egg roll, and fried rice.

Gary had Singapore Noodles, which are hot and spicy, and come with an egg roll also.  He chooses a side of wonton soup.

We both have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow!

WahNam does a strong take-out business.

At 7:00 I had to be to the school for EDP Parent Night.  It went better than I expected and gives me two more hours' pay, so it's all good.  Then home for Grey's Anatomy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I got the brakes on my car fixed today at Mott Community College for their usual fee of $10 plus parts.  What a deal!  Gary will take his minivan in Monday to have the same thing done.

Then we ate at Senor Lucky's, me having the ala carte shredded chicken burrito with sour cream sauce ($2.99) and Gary having his new favorite, the shredded chicken taco salad, made with no shell.  I forgot to order my burrito without refried beans (to save fat calories).  I carried Gary's leftovers into the house up against my shirt, and it leaked all over me and the carpet (says Stray Black Kitty).  My clothes went straight into the washer. 

After eating, we went back to Courtland to pick up Gary's car, and I went into JoAnn Fabrics, looking for a fall-toned candle ring for a hurricane lamp, but didn't find one.  It was fun looking around, though, at all the Christmas decorations, which I don't need and didn't buy.

Then I went to my mom's and Gary went to School Board.  I need to quit buying my occasional McD small caramel frappes.

There's a big uproar going on about Brandy being kicked off Dancing With The Stars and Bristol Palin remaining.

I've watched The Middle (hilarious as usual), and now it's time for Modern Family.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Different type of evening for us tonight.  Instead of eating soon after I get out of work at 2:35, we had a special dinner to attend at the Clio Masonic Temple.  Dinner consisted of tossed salad with a sweet (Asian?) dressing and nuts, lasagna, fresh green beans (not hot enough), garlic bread.  Good enough, but there should have been salad bowls and dessert plates, instead of just a smallish dinner plate.  Therefore, I could not get dessert when I went through the line,  Later, they did put out those bowls and plates.  Gary got me a tasty rhubarb crunch and put it in a coffee cup.  That worked.

After dinner, there was a very nice program of dulcimer, tin whistle and ukelin performed by the pair who had previously been with Living Truth. 

Then Gary received his pin for 40 years in Masonry and a very nice framed certificate, which has an old-timey look making it more special. 

Raining pretty hard right now.  I wonder who'll get kicked off Dancing With The Stars?  Tonight, it should be Bristol, but you never know.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to work and had a busy and good day.  One of my Facebook high school friends brought me Puppy Chow made by her and a couple friends.  That's the sweet stuff made with chex cereal.  So good!  I learned how to make FB friends clickable in my posts.  That's cool.  Friday I learned how to put a favorites bar at the top of my page when I'm on the internet.  Once you have that, you can't live without it!  Having difficulty putting widgets on my desktop at work, though.  No problem at home.  Maybe because I have XP at school and 7 at home.

We went to Twin's right after school.  We split a chicken strip dinner and still brought most of the chicken home!  Then I ran in WalMart to get Gary shaving cream, but there right in front of me were racks of $1 clothes!  I bought ten things, mostly for Amanda and Doug.

It'll be cold all week, making it easier to figure out what to wear to work.

Today's offer on Seize the Deal was a pair of Flint Symphony tickets to Christmas at Pops for only $16.  Yup, I seized that deal and am so excited about it!  One of those ultimate Christmas experiences!

Tomorrow night we are having dinner at the Clio Masonic Temple as Gary gets some kind of forty-year recognition.

Now I need to go get organized for tomorrow after reading Lorrie's blog from Ireland!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well, things seem to be looking up pain-wise.  I continued my steri-pak and only took one Tylenol with codeine before church, to make sure I could made it through the service.  After church, I was talking to two other ladies there, when a fourth asked me how my pain was.  As I was telling her, and relating the short version of the story to the other two, I discovered they had the same dentist and said they had never been treated as roughly and had pain for a long time thereafter.  It looks like we'll all be looking for new dentists!

Lunch was the drive-thru at McDonald's in Otisville and then a short country drive.  Then we came home and Gary conked out after taking a Contac for his impending cold.  He felt better after another nap sitting on the couch, so we headed for the funeral home in Swartz Creek, as a friend from school's stepmother passed away.  We didn't see anyone we knew there. 

Afterwards, we headed for Venus (Coney Island?) on Fenton Road, north of Hill.  We hadn't did our "V Week" restaurant yet due to my birthday freebies, so we thought we'd accomplish that for dinner.  I ordered a Slim Jim, and it was better than Big Boy's, bigger, but not too big, with really good ham.  Gary had a broiled fish dinner and I wonder if he found that in the heart-smart section, which they have on the menu, as he was not offered butter or sour cream for his baked potato.  He enjoyed the dinner, which came with a very nice salad bar (baby greens!) and two sides in addition to the mixed veggies on the plate.  He chose the aforementioned potato and a side of spaghetti (very good), both of which he brought home for tomorrow.  Hope that happens, as his traditional fourth meal late at night is not a good thing!

Watched Lawrence Welk with my mom.  No pain so far, and the only Tylenol was this morning before church.  Continuing the steri-pak, of course.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Over a week and a half ago, I had a dental appointment for a core and crown.  I've had several different dentists over the years, largely because they keep disappearing in Genesee!  Well, I've never had a dentist treat me so roughly as this one!  I told the assistant, after he had began and left the room, that he certainly "barrels right in there", and she rolled her eyes, as if in agreement.  Then I had another couple hours to go!  The whole appointment took 2-1/2 hours, and so I cancelled with my mom, because I was wiped out and expected to feel terrible after I thawed out.  Well, at that time, I didn't actually feel as badly as I expected.

The next day, I felt crummy, and every day thereafter for over a week and a half.  Lots of pain.  The pain would start in my earlobe and travel down along my jawline, twinging like an earache does, but this was not inside my ear.  I kept telling myself it just needed to heal, but it should've healed by now!  So I went to Penney's to do a little Christmas shopping.  I can just as well experience the pain at the mall as I can at home.  Then I ran in Aldi's to stock up on peanut butter and a couple healthy snacks for the grandkids at church tomorrow morning.  Then the pain started getting worse, and I was moaning all the way home.  Ibuprophen was not helping at all now.  I'd also been swishing salt water twice a day since the appointment.  I had to drop off my two pies at church in Clio, so I went on to that after-hours clinic, even though Amanda had to wait there two hours a few weeks ago.  The same happened to me.  The doctor first checked inside my ears to make sure it wasn't an inner-ear infection, and they looked fine, so that was a relief.  Then he checked my mouth, looking for infection, and that wasn't the case, but he said it still was healing.  Like I said, the dentist was rough, and I'm a fast healer.  He said the cause of my severe pain was the actual dental work, the rough treatment and my mouth being forced open for periods longer than necessary.  He gave me a steri-pak and Tylenol with codein.  He said if I thought I needed more, he'd give me a prescription for Vicodin, but I just took the Tylenol.

Then I went on to the roast beef dinner at church.  The meat was delicious, and so was everything else.  I dropped off my prescriptions at VG's on my way to my mother's.  I didn't stay with her long, because I was anxious to get my prescriptions started.  I took my first six pills from the steri-pak and one Tylenol, although you can take two if needed.  I sure hope it works!  Actually, by bedtime I felt less pain.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday is finally here!  I like my work, but am always glad for the weekend!  As usual, we ate at Twin's and had pizza with pepperoni and green peppers. 

Watched Supernanny and fell asleep halfway through What Not To Wear.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy birthday to me!  Fifty-nine years old!  Facebook birthdays are the best: I must've had 200 greetings!  My co-workers brought me donuts and chocolate milk.  Gary got me a blueberry pie.  I know, weird.  I'm saving it, though, for the roast beef dinner at church Saturday, because I have to bring two pies.  Laura gave me fall-ish flowers in a pretty vase. 

We ate at Zehnder's to use my free coupon.  I always liked the Bavarian Inn better, but tonight was very nice.  We had to wait in line and an old friend of Gary's was a bit behind us, so they had a good time reminiscing.  Waiting in line there is the best, because the surroundings are enjoyable to look at and you can also people-watch.  We were seated in a room I'd never been in, and it was very nicely arranged.  Of course, we had family-style chicken and the price is something like $22 now! It seems like a year ago it was $18!  Everything was tasty.  I couldn't decide between a hot fudge or caramel sundae, so the waitress put both on!

All in all, a very nice birthday!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today seemed like an unbelievably long day.  Neither bad nor good, just long.

We had church in the morning as usual and delicious snacks thereafter.  Then we drove through the Otisville McDonald's before taking a country drive.  That has to be my favorite after-church activity, preferred to going out to a sit-down breakfast.  I'm not one for going out to breakfast.

When I got home, I started the laundry, but will wait on the final two loads until I get home from my mother's tonight with her laundry.  I do lights, darks and hots.

I took the book I'm reading with me to mom's tonight:  The Wolf Tree by Joseph Heywood.  It's one of his woods cop series, set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I read a little while we watched Lawrence Welk and between conversation topics.  Being almost blind, she doesn't notice.

Back to work and routine tomorrow!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I slept until 9:30 this morning!  I never am able to do that.  I either wake up really early or the phone wakes me up anyway.  I poked around all morning and left for Penney's after noon, needing a new and warmer pair of gloves to match my blue and grey striped scarf.  It would've worked out better if I'd went earlier, but I didn't realize that until it was too late.  I discovered that, in addition to my $10 off a $25 purchase, I had a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon!  If I'd known that, I would've left earlier and used the first coupon before the earlybird sales ended at 1:00.  I didn't have enough time to accumulate $25 worth of purchases.  Oh, well.  Doesn't really matter.  So I did find the ideal pair of grey Isotoner gloves half off, making them $11.99.  Also grabbed a blanket sleeper for Clark for Christmas.

Gary got home about 5:00 with all his freebies from the conference.  Amanda & the kids were here, so we sent most of it home with them:  markers, pens, pads of paper, sewing kits and candy.

Then we ran up to Classic Coney Island for a quick dinner before I went to my mom's.  Gary had prime rib last night and filet mignon today, so all he ordered was a bowl of their delicious chili.  It's probably the best chili I've had.  I had a Greek chicken pita.

Tonight daylight savings time ends, so we "fall back" and gain an hour of sleep.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Gary left this morning for the School Board Conference in Grand Rapids, so I had a quiet evening after work.  I ate at home and then went to my mother's.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gary got home at 4 a.m. after driving all night from Wisconsin through the Upper Peninsula.  Near West Branch he encountered a driver coming towards him on the expressway.  Not good.  He called 911.

There weren't any good V restaurants, and I have birthday coupons rolling in online, so we went to Red Robin and will pick up with V later.  We both had our favorites at RR.  I had the Fiesta Fajita Pollo Salad and he had the Bruschetta Burger.

Early tomorrow morning Gary will leave for the annual School Board Conference in Grand Rapids and be home Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gary left Manitowac, Wisconsin at 6:00 our time to come home.  He plans to drive all night through the U.P.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gary left this morning for Wisconsin, stopping to see family in Battle Creek on the way.  He's heading for the funeral of Ron's mother in Manitowac.  I didn't want him traveling so far alone, especially with his branch retinal artery occlusion.

I had a dental appointment after work.  The appointment for a core and crown took 2-1/2 hrs. and the dentist was rougher than any I've had. Previously, I'd only been to his office for cleanings.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Feels like November! Elmo the Evil Cat is ready.

This is my new sidewalk salt box for the front porch. I got it from LTD.  It had to be assembled!