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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thursday Night, "R Night", October 7, 2010

Tonight we enjoyed our dinner at Red Robin, always a favorite.  I had the new Mediterranean Chicken Salad. It is only $6.99 until November 7, so that was a deal!  The salad was large and made up of romaine lettuce with lemon dill ranch dressing.  It was topped with an oregano-grilled chicken breast. It was tasty, but there were not enough Feta or diced tomatoes.  The salad also contained cucumber and black olives.  Next time I would order my usual Pollo Fiesta Salad.  Gary had his favorite Bruschetta Burger with bottomless fries.  The pop there is $2.50, too pricey for something that is a negligible cost for the restaurant.

We are continuing to have wonderful Indian Summer weather, seventies every day.

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