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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Today we are sticking closer to the cabin, on our peninsula, as we will be going to the Stew Supper at the Aura Township Hall at 5:30.

First, we went out to Pte. Abbaye, the tip of our peninsula. Our peninsula is smallish, but the drive out curvy, sometimes rutted, roads slows us down. It's a beautiful drive, though! We parked in the parking area out there. The waves were high, so it was safer to walk the interior trail out to the point, rather than walking the treacherous rocks along the cliffs of the Big Lake.  While on that trail, you could throw a rock to your left or right and land it in the lake if you were a strong thrower and the trees weren't in the way!  We saw a fresh bear track in the mud, so I kept my eyes open for bear and moose (actually hoping I would see one or the other!).

This is where we ended up, with the Huron Mountains on the horizon across Huron Bay. BUT . . . just to the left were big, crazy waves! I didn't like Gary walking along there, thinking he might slip and be lost to the Lake forever.  So how come I was following behind him?  Lake Superior beckons, and you have to come!


This is just before I let out a shriek as a big wave came up on the shore behind me! I know the water is deep here, and I meant to ask a friend how deep it is, but forgot to.

I am really enjoying these new knees!

Today we also went to Silver River Falls, my favorite.  You park and walk along, descending along the falls.  So beautiful, and it smells wonderfully like cedar!  This is where I always bore my kids by reminding them that we are walking in the same steps as the Indians did (and do).

Sportin' the Kromer at Silver River Falls.

We had such a good time at the Stew Supper in Aura!  It is a thank you dinner for all the volunteers at July's Aura Jamboree.  The stew was delicious and, being a Yooper stew, it contains rutabatga.  It was served with assorted breads and homemade pie.

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