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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

Today marks the fifth day I haven't eaten sweet snacks (with the exception of 90 calorie granola bars).  I lost 4 pounds, which I think makes no sense.  Of course, last night's meal at Uno was quite low-calorie.

Tonight, though, we ordered a medium pizza at Twin's.  At least those are thin crust.  I was relieved that Bridget didn't bring us desserts she had bought us at Meijer's.  Two weeks ago, she brought us a huge slice of a divine carrot cake and another slice, which was chocolate.  Last week she brought the carrot cake again and a container of raw vegetables with dip.  So tonight we were thankful (at least I was) that she didn't appear to have any desserts forthcoming.  BUT then Jennifer approached with one of those amazing desserts she makes for us there.  This one was a slice of cheesecake topped with blueberry pie filling, chocolate syrup, whip cream and two Oreos!  We're going to have to speak to them about this!

Genesee's playoff game was tonight against Rochester Hills Lutheran.  We won 54-0.  I was concerned the guys hearts wouldn't be in it due to the death this week of the mom of one of the cheerleaders.  Her boyfriend plays on the team. 

I picked up my soap that Lynn had left at my mom's for me.  Lynn makes soap and other natural products.  Several bars of the soap were my favorite:  pumpkin brulee!

New season of What Not To Wear begins tonight with a makeover of Mindy Cohn, who was Jo on the Facts of Life.

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