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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Today we are heading for the Porcupine Mountains, the Porkies.  Colors are always fabulous along the way on Highway 38, and this fall is no different.  Then we turn and head towards the mountains along Lake Superior's shore. It always looks cold and wintry there from inside the car.  There are some newer and nice-looking businesses along there, including an AmericInn, or whatever it is called.  We were going to enter the state park and head up to the Lake of the Clouds overlook, but decided not to.  Starting today there is a new fee schedule. Since Gary, as the driver of the car, has a July birthday, we would pay $10 for a pass that would be good until next July. We would never use it again in that space of time, so we decided against it.  I had been expecting a senior citizen's day pass of about $2 or so!

We took Pike River Road home. That is just south of Twin Lakes State Park. There are several lakes along the way, some with just fishing sites and others with campgrounds.  It is always a pretty area in the fall.

Below are some other shots I should've displayed here.

These two pictures are just before the Porkies State Park entrance.

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