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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thursday Night, "Q Night", September 23, 2010

Another night of slim pickin's.  Q Night gave us the choice of Qdoba or Quiznos, and we opted for Qdoba in Grand Blanc.  When I described Qdoba to a friend, she said, "It sounds like the Subway of Mexican food!"  Close.  You do order your food at a counter similar to the one at Subway.  There are a lot of choices, such as four to six kinds of salsa.  I've ate there twice, and the other time was also when we were Eating Our Way Through The Alphabet.  Each time we spend $17 for the two of us, which included pop.  Not bad!  I had one of their combos, including tortilla soup (quite spicy, but in a good way) and a salad.  Gary had some kind of mixture of all kinds of things. I'm not doing too well here!  You can't just say the name of the dish, because you truly make it your own!

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