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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Got up and went to church by myself, as Gary had to make another pot of bean soup for Wolcott's Apple Fest.  He also got up early and made his famous Coney Island Chili to share with friends there.  Clark was very much a stinker in church today.  Really needed a nursery!  Served fellowship snacks after.  Today was my last day of doing that for awhile, as I had the month of September for fellowship and altar care.

Then I went to Vanity Fair in Birch Run to make a quick purchase.  Drove through McD for a hamburger and a dollar Diet Coke, because I really wanted something plain-ish after that very sweet pumpkin crunch.  Went on to Walmart to get a new razor, socks and deodorant for Mad's birthday (of course she doesn't need it as a 4th grader, but it's fun for her!) and eyeliner for me.

Then I headed to Wolcott's with black clouds hovering above.  Nothing became of them though.  Cool, fall day without much sunshine, but it was OK. 

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