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Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

My time at work each day goes so quickly, especially the afternoons. I worked with some 8th graders on their edp's today. I'll have them back to finish up tomorrow and start a new group next week.

After school, I went to Riverfront Optical to pick up my new glasses that have been in for weeks. The fit is too big, so I might have to get them adjusted unless I get used to them before I have that chance. There was no charge, and I thought I had one.

Fell asleep repeatedly while watching my tivo'd All My Children. When Gary finally got home from working at Wolcott's, we went to Twin's and split a chicken strips dinner.  One dinner is more than enough and we took plenty home to boot! I did buy an extra side of a baked potato today, just because it sounded good. Then I only ate one chicken strip. Split the side salad with Gary, as always.

Started raining lightly on my way to my mom's, but raining hard enough to put up the umbrella when I left there.

Tomorrow I have a follow-up appointment with the gynecologist tomorrow after my surgery a week before school started.  That means I'm a couple weeks late on that appointment.  Between going back to work and Brad's time in the hospital and his funeral, I just didn't get it done.

I think I'll have a bowl of Special K granola with milk for a treat while I watch Dancing With The Stars. This year's show is certainly better than last.  Last year I gave up watching it, because I just didn't care about anyone on there.

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