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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Night, "M Night", August 19, 2010

M Night took us to a new restaurant, Michael Angelo's, on the northwest corner of Davison & Center, fronting on Davison Road.  A pizza takeout business was formerly in that storefront.  We decided to eat there on the advice of a friend who knows the owners, the Palianis, well-known in the area for great Italian food.

I was a little leery as we entered, seeing vinyl-flowered tablecloths on the tables.  However, I soon relaxed as I then noticed that all the chairs are different, and so are the tables and tablecloths.  Silk flower bouquets are on every table, but the decor works, in the style of the French Laundry.  Are they trying to be trendy, or is it a happy accident?  On the walls, are certificates from Ellis Island showing that the Paliani family came from Patrica, Italy.

We were there in the late afternoon and the place was quiet.  Our waiter was genial and informative.  We both ordered the lasagna, as suggested by our friend and also by the waiter.  He remarked that he likes it even better than the pizza.  After taking our order, he brought our side salads, unremarkable, but large and fresh.  A nice touch was what appeared to be freshly-grated mozzarella.  He also brought a basket of warm, homemade bread.  As we finished our salads, he served our lasagna.  It is baked in tin pie pans, which rest on dinner plates.  We could have easily shared one!  There was no sauce between the layers of noodles, only cheese, but lots of sauce and more mozzarella was on top.  I had never had it that way before, but it worked and was delicious.  My husband had his with sausage in the sauce and mine was topped with two large meatballs.  Each was about $9.75.

My only complaint was the noise level, apparently coming from ventilation fans in the kitchen area  (which adjoins the dining room).  However, the food was delicious and promptly served.  I would encourage everyone to patronize this local business.  Area diners know they can rely on the Paliani name.

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