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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Let me get right down to it. We ate at Wendy's tonight, because it was always super-cheap and I'd had a hankerin' lately for their chili.  In the past we could eat there for between $3 and $5, with senior pops (which are sized for Tom Thumb, I think).  The last time we were there, the dollar menu had been changed to a "value" menu, and many of the items were elevated to $1.29.  Tonight most of the formerly dollar items were upped to $1.59, such as my chili and the plain baked potato.  Now here's the shocking part:  Gary ordered the double junior bacon cheeseburger. When he picked it up, still wrapped, he commented on how small it was, but it was a junior after all.  He unwrapped it and removed the top to find two "burgers" with a slice of cheese in between. THE HAMBURGERS WERE THINNER THAN THE CHEESE!!! I am not exaggerating! I wish I'd taken my camera in!  These hamburgers give new meaning to the term paper-thin.   I can't imagine how they can stay in business much longer.  As we were eating, I noticed there was a poster on the window advertising kids' meals for $1.99 for a limited time.  That would've been a better deal and more satisfying.  I'm sure Gary will be having another meal tonight, if he hasn't already!

I babysat Mad & Grace today while Amanda went with Doug to the doctor.  Grace was shocked beyond words when I told her Papa is married!  She just couldn't believe that!

We finally got a substantial rain after being teased with short-term showers lately.  How does the grass green up so fast?

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