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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Laura called this morning and said she'd be in Flint, but I didn't see hide nor hair of her (or hear anymore from her). 

I did a little more banishment of the paper clutter, day two.

Babysat for the Rodman kids this afternoon, while their parents went to a movie.

Ate at KFC. Gary had the Tuesday special, which is a "bowl" and a pop for some cheap price that I don't remember.  I had a chicken strip meal, with macaroni and coleslaw.

Picked up another library reserved book. Last night it was the Tuohy book; tonight it is Rosanne Cash's bio.  Which to read first?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ate at Classic Coney Island tonight, formerly Tom's, in Genesee. I've never had a bad meal there.  Tonight I just had a bacon cheeseburger, but their's are wonderful, with lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Night, "M Night", August 19, 2010

M Night took us to a new restaurant, Michael Angelo's, on the northwest corner of Davison & Center, fronting on Davison Road.  A pizza takeout business was formerly in that storefront.  We decided to eat there on the advice of a friend who knows the owners, the Palianis, well-known in the area for great Italian food.

I was a little leery as we entered, seeing vinyl-flowered tablecloths on the tables.  However, I soon relaxed as I then noticed that all the chairs are different, and so are the tables and tablecloths.  Silk flower bouquets are on every table, but the decor works, in the style of the French Laundry.  Are they trying to be trendy, or is it a happy accident?  On the walls, are certificates from Ellis Island showing that the Paliani family came from Patrica, Italy.

We were there in the late afternoon and the place was quiet.  Our waiter was genial and informative.  We both ordered the lasagna, as suggested by our friend and also by the waiter.  He remarked that he likes it even better than the pizza.  After taking our order, he brought our side salads, unremarkable, but large and fresh.  A nice touch was what appeared to be freshly-grated mozzarella.  He also brought a basket of warm, homemade bread.  As we finished our salads, he served our lasagna.  It is baked in tin pie pans, which rest on dinner plates.  We could have easily shared one!  There was no sauce between the layers of noodles, only cheese, but lots of sauce and more mozzarella was on top.  I had never had it that way before, but it worked and was delicious.  My husband had his with sausage in the sauce and mine was topped with two large meatballs.  Each was about $9.75.

My only complaint was the noise level, apparently coming from ventilation fans in the kitchen area  (which adjoins the dining room).  However, the food was delicious and promptly served.  I would encourage everyone to patronize this local business.  Area diners know they can rely on the Paliani name.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ate by myself on my way to my mom's, because Gary had eaten at the new Chinese buffet on Dort Highway (former Big Boy) with Keith.  He said they didn't have a lot of choices, but everything was excellent.  Price was $6.95, probably a lunch price.  I did the drive-thru at Halo Burger. Hamburger with mustard, pickle, onion (& salt) and a senior diet Pepsi (free).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, Church Day. I wore a sleeveless, floaty dress today in the hopes I would feel cooler.  The polyester fabric precluded that, and I was miserably hot and glad to get home and change into cotton.

Christen arrived from Sterling Heights soon after, and we all went to Classic Coney Island in Genesee for a good lunch. I had a Greek pita and coleslaw, and it was delicious!

Then we hung out at home for awhile, until Amanda and her family came over.  Then we went to McDonald's for ice cream.

Gary went to his choir practice in Davison for the "pop tunes" concert next Sunday. Just before I left to watch Lawrence Welk with my mother, I discovered we had no water.  Now I need to go check if Gary has that fixed, might have just been a fuse.

I think this hot, humid weather ends tonight!

Thursday Night, "L Night", August 12, 2010

I didn't spend any time looking for a new and exciting "L" restaurant, because we wanted to fall back on our old standby, Lucky's.  Actually, we started  Eating Our Way Through The Alphabet again, because it seemed like every Thursday we were at Applebee's, Uno's, or Lucky's.  They're all good, but we needed to get out of our restaurant rut.

I looked forward all week to a respite from the hot and muggy and relaxing there in air-conditioned comfort.  We prefer the Davison Lucky's, as the Clio one seems too much like eating in a cafeteria, tables crowded together in a large, square room. 

The hostesses and waitresses have always been prompt and efficient.   Our drinks and warm, savory bread were served while we browsed the menu.  That didn't take long, as we generally order the same as always.  Our side salads with bleu cheese dressing were quite large and laden with red onion, cucumbers, tomatoes and cheese.  You could very easily make a filling meal out of a salad and a bowl of soup, the cheesy baked potato soup being a favorite there.  Gary always has the waitress check if they have "really rare" prime rib (16 oz. for $16.99) before he orders.  This time they could only offer "rare", but he ordered it anyways and was satisfied.  With it he chooses the sweet potato with brown sugar on the side.  I generally order the Chicken Monterey ($11.99). It comes topped with two kinds of cheese, red and green peppers, onion and bacon.  I request it without mushrooms.  As a side, I ask for German fries, which are large potato cubes, topped with green pepper, bacon, and onion.  I also request a side of sour cream for a topping.  We both took part of our meals home for lunch the next day.

We usually arrive for dinner between 3:00 and 4:30, as we both have evening commitments most days.  Therefore, we never have a line to stand in, and I don't do lines.  Lucky's is a busy place, and soon the crowd arrives.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Let me get right down to it. We ate at Wendy's tonight, because it was always super-cheap and I'd had a hankerin' lately for their chili.  In the past we could eat there for between $3 and $5, with senior pops (which are sized for Tom Thumb, I think).  The last time we were there, the dollar menu had been changed to a "value" menu, and many of the items were elevated to $1.29.  Tonight most of the formerly dollar items were upped to $1.59, such as my chili and the plain baked potato.  Now here's the shocking part:  Gary ordered the double junior bacon cheeseburger. When he picked it up, still wrapped, he commented on how small it was, but it was a junior after all.  He unwrapped it and removed the top to find two "burgers" with a slice of cheese in between. THE HAMBURGERS WERE THINNER THAN THE CHEESE!!! I am not exaggerating! I wish I'd taken my camera in!  These hamburgers give new meaning to the term paper-thin.   I can't imagine how they can stay in business much longer.  As we were eating, I noticed there was a poster on the window advertising kids' meals for $1.99 for a limited time.  That would've been a better deal and more satisfying.  I'm sure Gary will be having another meal tonight, if he hasn't already!

I babysat Mad & Grace today while Amanda went with Doug to the doctor.  Grace was shocked beyond words when I told her Papa is married!  She just couldn't believe that!

We finally got a substantial rain after being teased with short-term showers lately.  How does the grass green up so fast?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Night, "K Night", August 5, 2010

Tonight was "K Night" as we Eat Our Way Through the Alphabet.  Pickings were slim and, other than KFC (which is not a Thursday night restaurant), our choices were Khios, Krystal's Diner, Kathy's in Flushing, and Krzysiak's in Bay City.

We hadn't been to Kathy's in years and, after looking at their website menu, I suggested we go there. 
We entered through the front door, and there was no sign telling us whether or not to be seated and no waitress in sight.  So after a few minutes we decided to take the risk and seat ourselves.  It was about 4:30, and only one other table was occupied, so we assumed we would be noticed.  The dining room is totally separate from the staff areas, so we couldn't catch anyone's attention.  After a few minutes, a waitress brought our menus and took our drink orders.  She also brought a basket of garlic toast and a creamy cheese spread.  Always a nice touch!

Gary's first choice was prime rib, but the waitress said it was not made in-house.  The meal  he chose came with a salad of mixed greens, red onion, cucumbers and tomatoes.  The bleu cheese dressing was very good.  His pot roast dinner ($11.99) included mashed potatoes and gravy ("wonderfully lumpy"), and steamed mixed vegetables.  They were good, but he would have liked them to be cooked with the pot roast.  Everything was appropriately flavorful and comfort food indeed. 

My chicken walnut salad ($9.99) was not at all what I expected, but that's not a bad thing!  The menu stated that it came on a "bed" of lettuce, but I couldn't find more than maybe a half of a lettuce leaf.  The chicken salad contained sliced celery and chopped walnuts, mixed with pineapple and cream cheese dressing.  It was surrounded by an unimaginable amount of fruits, including apples, two kinds of melon, cubed pineapple, red grapes, watermelon and a huge strawberry and a cherry.  It was definitely a good choice for a hot summer day. A half order is available, but my full order left me with plenty for lunch tomorrow.

The decor is lovely: relaxing and pleasant.  I would recommend a sign at the door directing customers to be seated, if that is the intent of the restaurant.  The menu is available on their website,  However, the coupons therein expired in March of 2009 and my salad was a dollar more than stated.  I would guess that the price has went up, not that I was overcharged. 

Kathy's is an enjoyable place to dine at any time of the day.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot and humid today and for the next few days anyway.

My Joe's Garage review is on mlive with a journal file photo. I wonder if they've seen mine yet? I don't know if I'm uploading them correctly.  The only way I can find is through the general photo upload section.  Also did a Twin's Pizza review.

I did laundry today and read my book a lot, The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton.  Such a good book, and I'm almost done.

We ate at Senor Lucky's in Davison on M-15.  I had what I often do, the ala carte wet burrito, only $2.99.  I've been getting it with shredded chicken, because that really tastes about the same as beef and is healthier.  Gary got his usual pecan-encrusted chicken salad and brought some home.

I won an ebay bid on a Michigan Chillers book for Madilyn, Aliens from Alpena.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Well, I spent this morning paying bills, always fun.

Also, spent time in the afternoon reading my new library book: The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton.  I love all his books, especially the ones that take place in Paradise, Michigan.  This one does not, but it's a real page-turner from the first page! So far it seems like his best one yet.

We ate dinner at Classic Coney Island in Genesee.  Today I had the BLT pita, and it was very good.  I had the Greek pita last week. It didn't have enough feta on it, in fact it was negligible on the first two-thirds.  I think it was just a kitchen oversight.  Otherwise, it was delicious.  Next time I order it, I will mention that they need to use more feta and distribute it better.  Gary had a coney island, Flint style.

I've spent so much time on the computer today, trying to get my review of Joe's Garage on.  I finally did.  I need to remember that I cannot copy and paste from Word or from here.  I also spent forever trying to figure out where to add photos, because there doesn't seem to be a way in the same place where I do the reviews.  Finally, I just uploaded them in the spot where readers can upload photos of anything.  We'll see if they get matched up with the review, if they use my review.

Time to get off here and read more of my book.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Today was our first Sunday with our new pastor, Pastor Karen Williams.  Everything went well, and we enjoyed our time with her. 

After church, we drove through the Otisville McDonald's and then went for a drive in the country, always nice.  Gary took a couple pictures.  This one is my favorite:
We went home and got ready for the church pool party.  Gary cooked the corn on the cob, topped it with butter and put it in a foil-lined cooler.  I diced the melon and added green grapes.  Not many kids showed up for the party, but there were quite a few adults.