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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Very hot and humid today.  Only this bad for one day, though.  Tonight it is supposed to cool down appreciably and I do appreciate!

I babysat for the Rodman three today while their parents took Emmy to the urologist.  Clark screamed for the first hour!  Then Papa picked up the older two girls and took them back to our house to resume selling corn to make money for school clothes and books.  After the parents returned, everyone went to our house for awhile. 

I chose Twin's for dinner, because we could enjoy their air conditioning and split a huge chef's salad.  It WAS comfortable, and the salad was great.  It comes with breadsticks, and we choose meat sauce to go along, although I dip mine in bleu cheese dressing.  I need to ALWAYS take my camera!

Almost forgot to mention that three of the five photos chosen for pastycam's pictures-of-the-day were mine today, taken at Seney a couple weeks ago! I wish she had noticed I had flower pics from there, too, because those are better than the ones chosen! Still always a thrill though.

Seney is the BEST bathroom stop in the Upper Peninsula.  I'm not crazy about the seven-mile drive, and we only did that once many years ago. Not much to see on it.  But we LOVE the visitors' center for the displays and walking the perimeter of the building, where you can see nesting ospreys, swans, birds, chipmunks running over your feet as they chase each other, piles of turtles, and bathrooms with interesting things to read on the doors!

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