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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Night, "G Night", July 8, 2010

We had a hard time choosing a suitable G restaurant.  There were the run-of-the-mill: Grandma's or Gillie's, lots of Chinese buffets (Grand this or Golden that), or restaurants deep in the hood.  We settled for Gracie's in New Lothrop, although I've never been crazy about it, not being a steak lover.  I was coming into the experience with an open mind, though.  Really.

The entryway had their usual funhouse mirrors and missing tiles on the floor.  Hasn't anyone told them that your first impression is at the door? Nothing has changed there in the last 40 years.  Same garish lighting they've always had.  Same salad bar that impressed everyone in the seventies, right down to the pea and peanut salad.

Not being a fan of steaks, I had a hard time ordering.  I probably should've went with the pork chops.  I was reading the menu from right to left, and not finding anything that thrilled me.  I settled for chicken strips (!) for $13.99, which come with a potato and the salad bar.  I couldn't help but think of the chicken planks we get at Twin's in Clio.  There we receive a huge plateful that we share for $7.99 and bring home half of!  Gary ordered a steak, very rare, at $17.99. 

The salad bar was pretty good, and I enjoyed the garlic toast and cheese spread.  The salad greens were very nice, too, with a bowl of mixed greens and another bowl of spinach, frise, etc.  There were a suitable number of toppings and other salads.

My chicken strips were skinny (read: not much chicken per strip), greasy and odd looking:

Gary was very satisfied with the quality of his steak and that it was prepared as requested. However, our baked potatoes could've been baked longer.

The dessert bar had a fair selection of cakes, brownies, pastries and cookies.  My brownie had been sitting out for too long, though.

H Week will work out perfectly for us, as we'll be in Copper Harbor at our favorite restaurant ever: The Harbor Haus!

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