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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yesterday we went to Battle Creek to meet up with family. When we got there they were at the Air Show, so we found them there.  We got to see the F22, which can go up to 1900 mph and then stop in mid-air, hover for a period of time, and reverse!  Pretty cool.  Madilyn enjoyed climbing into the cockpit of an old plane.  Some people paid $400 apiece for a ride in it!  There were helicopters doing stunts and harrier jets.

After going back to Margaret's for a little while, we moved on to Mary's where a Mary-party was in full swing.  We enjoyed some good food, but didn't stay long before heading home.

This morning Gary did a super job preaching at Thetford and Genesee churches.  Maybe his best sermon ever!  No pianists were available at either church, and we all sounded pretty good!  After he was done at Genesee, we went out to eat at Classic Coney Island with a few Genesee folks.  I had the Greek hash, which is so-o-o good.  Loaded with feta and delicious.  I always bring home half of that for the next day, and my leftover toast and egg is for Gary.  He had the Grecian omelet, which contained gyro meat. 

Then we headed on to the Vassar cemetery, because I wanted to take a picture of my dad's grave, thinking the flowers would be in full bloom.  No such luck, so I didn't take the picture. All the flowers needed deadheading.  Then we went to the Birch Run outlets and got a diet root beer at the A & W.  I ran into Bon Worth to check on patriotic tops, but they didn't have anything good. 

Amanda's family stopped in on their way back from Battle Creek and had bratwurst and macaroni & cheese with us.  I couldn't visit long, because it was time to get to my mom's. Madilyn stayed with us to go to fireworks in Clio, and it's about that time now.

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