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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

We made the road trip to Reese today to buy the navy beans we need for the bean soup at the Aura Jamboree next weekend.  The bean soup is made in a 50 gallon open kettle.  Well, anyway, the elevator there was closed for the weekend; so we'll have to go again Monday.  Gary stopped at the Methodist Church there, which had a table of baked goods out for the adjoining Farmers' Market.  He bought a plate of goodies, most of which we dropped off at the Rodman house.

Then we headed for Frankenmuth, as I had an agenda.  I wanted to take Gary to River Place there and stop at The Crepery.  The crepes weren't at all what I expected.  I was thinking of a fruit-filled crepe on a plate, dusted with powdered sugar, that I could eat in a ladylike way.  Ha!  Nothing ladylike about it!  There were several choices of sweet or savory crepes.  Gary chose the Bananas Foster and I ordered strawberries and chocolate.  The crepes are made and assembled before your eyes.  Mine was very hot, topped with sliced strawberries and drizzled with Nutella.  Then it was folded in half, and cut into 4 wedges, but not cut all the way through.  Then it was folded on the cut lines and put in a paper cone.  Big mistake!  It was so hot it all turned to mush and was a mess to eat.  The chocolate was leaking from the cone, through the cafe table (which was like a grate), all over my khakis.  Tide-To-Go sticks were a wonderful invention.  I couldn't lay it down to go ask for a plate and fork, so I waited for Gary to finish and go get me one.  That helped the situation, but it was still a pile of mush.  Imagine toilet paper dipped in a bowl of water, and that was my crepe.  The owners are going for a cool-looking presentation, but failing miserably.  A plate would be much better.  Gary's wasn't as messy as mine, as it was topped with sliced bananas, brown sugar, and nuts.  I'm not doing so well with my food choices (of which there aren't many) at River Place!  Remember my yucky chocolate-dipped bacon suckers last week?

I bought 3 butterfly nets and a blue bracelet for myself at the Dollar Store there!  Then we headed north through town to locate the kite store.  That was my excuse to head into McDonald's for a much-needed Diet Coke.  My McDonald's Diet Cokes are always much needed.

Then  we bypassed the kite shop, as there was no parking lot.  Gary wanted to go into Willi's meat market for a bratwurst.  We got them topped with sauerkraut and mustard sauce.  Next time I'll leave off the sauce, as it was too sweet for my taste, and ruined the wonderful sauerkraut flavor.  Does it seem like we ate all afternoon?  I guess we did, but actually it wasn't much. 

I stopped at the Rodman's and hung out while Gary mowed the lawn at the church.  Then home for a bit before it was time to go to my mother's for Lawrence Welk. 

Almost forgot to mention the t-shirt Gary was contemplating.  I couldn't see him wearing it though, since it was a loud, obnoxious tie-dye.

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