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Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

I had a 9:00 hair appointment this morning, and that's the way to go! No makeup to make raccoon eyes when my hair gets washed, didn't wet my hair down when I took my shower, so no blow-drying!  I was ready in no time flat!

I drove through the Davison Road Arby's to get the free Junior Deluxe after purchasing a pop.  It was bigger than I expected and very good.

Then I went on to Big Lots, because they had advertised videos for Sunday and Monday specials, 3 in a package for $3.  The ad showed a Lassie one, and I thought the kids would like that, and it'd be a nice change from  cartoons.  I expected to find videos from old Lassie TV shows, 3 packaged together.  Actually, it was the Lassie movie packaged with three other random movies, not necessarily for kids, but I bought one anyways.  The kids watched it this afternoon with me, while their mother and Emily went grocery shopping.  The movie wasn't that great.  I'm going to have to check online and see if I can find what I was looking for. I think they'd enjoy the TV shows much more.

Then Gary (who had been to a Chinese buffet with Tim for lunch) wanted to go to Arby's for dinner.  So we went to the Clio one and got the freebies again!  I didn't mind.

Then I went to my mother's and came home and watered the backyard flowers, started laundry, and vacuumed.  Now I'm relaxing and sitting in front of the fan on a 95 degree day.  It will be hot all week.

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